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Gobbler Country's Week 9 ACC Power Poll

I am in a glass case of emotion.

Week 9 Power Poll

1. Georgia Tech (LW: 1, Streak: W5)
2. Miami (LW: 3, Streak: W1)
3. Clemson (LW: 4, Streak: W3)
4. Virginia Tech (LW: 2, Streak: L2)
5. Boston College (LW: 5, Streak: W1)
6. Duke (LW: 6, Streak: W3)
7. Florida State (LW: 7, Streak: W2)
8. North Carolina (LW: 9, Streak: W1)
9. Wake Forest (LW: 10, Streak: L3)
10. Virginia (LW: 8, Streak: L2)
11. NC State (LW: 11, Streak: L4)
12. Maryland (LW: 12, Streak: L3)

Week 9 Results

North Carolina 20, Virginia Tech 17
Florida State 45, NC State 42
Clemson 49, Coastal Carolina 3
Miami 28, Wake Forest 27
Duke 28, Virginia 17
Boston College 31, Central Michigan 10
Georgia Tech 56, Vanderbilt 31

Week 10 Schedule
(All Times Eastern)
GamePlan Schedule

Thursday, Nov. 5
Virginia Tech at East Carolina, 7:30, ESPN, DTV 206

Saturday, Nov. 7
Virginia at Miami, Noon, Raycom, DTV TBA
Maryland at NC State, 1:00,
Wake Forest at Georgia Tech, 3:30, ABC/ESPN2 Reverse Mirror
Duke at North Carolina, 3:30, ESPNU, DTV 614
Florida State at Clemson, 7:45, ESPN, DTV 206


  • We're soooo close to having a full slate of six league games this week. Darn you, Boston College and your bye week. I shake my fist of righteousness at you. We'll have to settle for the Hokies' trip to Greenville and five ACC games.
  • There was a lot of choking going on in the league in Week 9. Virginia Tech, Wake Forest and Virginia all get a huge pile of fail.
  • If this were a ranking and not a power poll, Florida State would probably be ahead of Duke.
  • If I weren't a huge Virginia Tech homer, the Hokies would probably be a lot lower since this is a power poll and not a ranking. But, I am. So there.
  • There's some separation between the three tiers of teams right now: Good, mediocre and bad.