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Bourbon Shots: Senior Day Edition

Break out the tissues, guys. it's senior day. It's getting way too dusty in here. Let's get to the links.

Virginia Tech Media

Grimm a Tireless Hybrid at Whip Linebacker Spot (
"Put simply, in this era of substituting personnel groupings for certain situations, Grimm rarely comes off the field. He plays the run, he drops into pass coverage and he blitzes. The results show up nicely in statistics. Grimm is third in the ACC in tackles, averaging 8.5 per game through 10 games. In games against ACC opponents, he’s fourth overall with 8.8 tackles per game."

Sayonara Seniors (Kyle Tucker)
"That is quite a senior class. They’ve won 38 games in their careers and will likely leave as (I think) the third consecutive senior class with 40-plus victories. They won two ACC titles and an Orange Bowl. They beat Nebraska twice. They’re 3-0 against rival Virginia and 3-1 against rival Miami. They helped hand Cincinnati, which might just play for the national title, its only loss in the last 17 games."

Two-sport athletes at Va. Tech (Mark Viera)
"In an interview in September, Wilson said he planned to compete in the triple jump at Virginia Tech. He said the football coaches agreed to that when he was recruited. With his mark of 51-5 ¾ in the triple jump, Wilson could be competitive nationally in the event."

Beau Warren probable for Saturday (Darryl Slater)
"Virginia Tech has listed starting center Beau Warren, a junior, as probable for tomorrow’s home finale against North Carolina State. Warren sprained the medial collateral ligament in his left knee during an Oct. 29 loss to North Carolina and hasn’t played in the two games since."

No need for Hokie football fans to sweat this one (Randy King)
"In fact, the only coach named Beamer being mentioned these days about a possible job opening is Frank's son, Shane Beamer. Young Beamer, currently an assistant coach at South Carolina, has had his name tossed about the past few days as possibly being a candidate for the head-coaching vacancy at I-AA Murray (Ky.) State."

Hokies return home, hope to crack the Wolfpack (Collegiate Times)
"Saturday’s game will also mark the last time seniors on the Tech team will get the opportunity to play in front of their home crowd. This year’s class includes cornerback Stephan Virgil, offensive tackle Ed Wang, tight end Greg Boone and defensive tackle Cordarrow Thompson."

Virginia Tech Bloggers

Preview: #15 Virginia Tech vs. NC State (Tech Sideline)
"NC State scares the heck out of me. They have nothing to lose in this game, and they have several Virginians who will be looking to have big games in their home state. Russell Wilson is the best overall quarterback the Hokies will face all season. He's a terrific passer, and he can also make things happen with his feet. Tech had problems with a mobile quarterback in their last game, so it will be interesting to see what approach Bud Foster takes against Wilson."

NC State Preview (The North End Zone)
"There are some games that just seem to stick to you personally. Ones that make such an impression on you, that you can point to it as the moment when you realized that you could express much more anger than you'd previously thought. Years later, you’d look back at that game as the beginning of your journey to becoming a ranting blogger."

NC State

Jarvis Williams finds the end zone for N.C. State (Raleigh News and Observer)
"But N.C. State and former wide receivers coach Dwayne Dixon had stuck with Williams while a miscommunication about his transcript left his eligibility in question. Williams said other schools pulled back while he sorted out the problem. When it came time to commit, Williams rewarded the N.C. State staff for its loyalty."

Officials need public accountability (Joe Ovies)
"The quaint notion that officials should be anymous has been blown out of the water with the proliferation of sports talk radio, message boards, YouTube, and various other media. Refs are just as much part of the game as the coaches and players. Let's start treating them as such."

Pack playing for pride against Virginia Tech (NC State Technician)
"Partly due to a slew injuries, many young players had to be thrown into the fire this season. This inexperience has lead the team to struggle in conference play, losing five of six conference games, after a 3-1 start to the season. But junior wide receiver Owen Spencer said the struggles the young players have endured this season will be beneficial for the long term future of those players and also for the future of the team."

ACC Football

Regarding mascots (From The Rumble Seat)
"Let's cut to the chase. That dog was a recessive gene on a leash laying on a bag of ice. Seriously, it had "been given a clean bill of health from the UGA vet school a week earlier." His death... well, unsurprising when you consider that this is not a healthy dog but rather an abomination that was most likely forced into and pried from it's mother's womb by human hands."

Dab-O-Meter Update Number Five (Block-C)
"As I stated last week it did represent, however, a possible break from the bitchassness of the previous administration. I’ll reserve judgment on that, however as I’VE BEEN HURT BEFORE, DABO. He moved slightly towards Mayberry on the SFC slider by spouting such buttermilk coated quotes as "God must have been in a good mood when he created CJ Spiller." That’s gonna win over Women’s Circle Number 9 for sure."

Rumor: Friedgen Discussing Buyout (Testudo Times)
"If Friedgen goes, it wouldn't surprise me if James Franklin left as well. While the likelihood is that Franklin takes the job next year, remember that his HCIW deal wasn't a vote of confidence, but a carrot to dangle to keep him from leaving, as well as an effort to keep recruiting up."

Who Will Be Next to Knock Off All 11 ACC Programs? (BC Interruption)
Brian and Jeff take time off from looking at mall Christmas decorations: "Brian: Most readers know this bit of trivia. Since joining the conference in 2005, the Eagles have defeated every ACC program except North Carolina. Only Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech have defeated every team in the league since 2005. BC, Clemson and Florida State need one more win to join the Techs in this category."

The replacements: Jim Grobe (From Old Virginia)
"Grobe is solid people and a solid head coach and not the kind of guy it's easy to bash. Plus he's got that Virginia sheepskin. So it's with a bit of trepidation that I write the rest of this. Grobe is simply the wrong choice for the next head coach."

College Football

Who could run a playoff better than the BCS? (BCS Evolution)
"I have been learning about the BCS for over a year now and last March I was amazed by the ease with which I was able to contact Bill Hancock. My impression could not have been further from the obstructionist persona the media paints the BCS officials with. I am certain that Bill Hancock is the best man to lead the BCS forward."

Ivan Maisel Is An Ungrateful Little Twit (Black Heart Gold Pants)
"Ivan Maisel is one of the most accomplished college football writers out there, and is generally thoughtful enough not to engage in the prickish nonsense that usually afflicts ESPN "personalities"*. Today, then, is a dark day in his journalistic history."

On the Road Again: (Mis)adventures in Starkville (Roll 'Bama Roll)
"After what seemed like an eternity of making phone calls, we decided to ditch the car and start walking...with our thumbs out. We knew the car wasn't going to get fixed that day, so we might as well get to the game. We were most of the way there, we already had seemed like the logical thing to do."

Should junior Eric Berry run through the T (Rocky Top Talk)
"The whole thing makes me uncomfortable. I'm a huge Eric Berry fan. Who isn't around here? Shoot, he's like Tim Tebow in that he has fans who root for other teams and those who don't follow football at all. But should he get a solo run through the T on Senior Day as a junior?"

The Struggles of Matt Barkley (Conquest Chronicles)
"The most disconcerting are some of the throws into coverage that have resulted in INT's or just missed INT's. Barkey had a bit of reputation in high school as an INT machine. We are seeing why over the past few games. I had less of an issue with the INT against ND, that was a timing issue that resulted in a tipped ball. But since then there has been more of that sort of throw as the season has moved on...not less."

Stuff Only I Care About

Sports + Talking + Radio = Not Good (The Lost Ogle)
"ESPN has been running commercials promoting ESPN Radio and it’s funny, because they’re exactly spot on. Why would you listen to Jim Traber and Al Eschbach butcher Seinfeld lines, talk about things nobody understands and speak in tongues half the time, when you could get quality sports talk? Though I must admit, I do enjoy Berry Tramel running circles around Traber’s brain. It’s like watching a dog chase its tail."

Breaking News: Yale is Different Than Nebraska (Bootlegger Sports)
"The story goes on to point out that he’s happy that nobody gives a crap about Yale football, and so it makes being terrible much easier. And I think that’s really the important lesson from this story."

Balanced Attack Has Sabres on Track (Die By The Blade)
"I have been impressed with the teams physical play and even more impressed with their confidence. There is no debating the talent on the team but in years past we seen them play with no confidence. When faced with adversity they crumbled. When they needed a goal they looked at a handful of players to provide the offense. This season has been different."

Wow, Sabres' Vanek looks off (Buffalo News)
"Never an NHL speedster, the burst he had seems to have lessened. The "wow" moments have tailed off. His goal total has, too. The Buffalo Sabres' perennial leader is tied atop the team's chart, but he's well behind the pace of his usual 40."

Alex Ovechkin: 'Those Two Weeks Lasted an Eternity' (Japers' Rink)
"The main game-day event in the NHL was, without a doubt, the return to the ice of the best player in the league for the past two years, Alex Ovechkin. Or, more precisely, the meticulous conspiracy which accompanied this return."

Optimistic Overview of Oilers First Quarter (The Copper & Blue)
"We here at The Copper & Blue have been a grumpy bunch lately. Most of the gloss of a shiny new season has worn off and, if you haven't noticed, we've become a bit pessimistic around here. We asked Sum - easily the most optimistic Oiler fan that we know - to put together a list of reasons detailing why Oiler fans can be optimistic as well."

Babcock: 'It was as dumb as anything I've ever seen' (From The Rink)
"Boy, it's hard to fathom just how something like that even happens. How can Toronto call down during the game, talk to the referee and let that bogus decision stand and help decide the outcome?"

Once Again, David Ortiz Wants Another Power Bat (Over the Monster)
"If the Sox do try to acquire another 30 home run threat, where are they going to put him? Who are they going to get? Adrian Gonzalez is an option, which would push Kevin Youkilis to third base and send Mike Lowell packing. That would be losing 20 home runs from the lineup. So would we then have to make that up too, Papi?"

Bay ready to play the field (Boston Globe)
Amalie Benjamin, who I love and in a heartbeat would give up my hard-drinking, road-tripping bachelor ways for, on the inability to come to terms with the right fielder: "The talks have been going on all season. But suddenly, as of midnight, things are different. Now it’s not only the Red Sox who can discuss contract numbers with free agent left fielder Jason Bay - every team can."

Washington Nationals Top 20 Prospects for 2010 (Minor League Ball)
"1) Stephen Strasburg, RHP, Grade A: He's done enough in Arizona to justify the Grade A rating in my opinion. We have to remember that he's a human being, but he is immensely talented."

Rickwoodn't Be Nice (Ben's Biz Blog)
"For those who may not yet be "in the know" -- Each season the Birmingham Barons play one game at Rickwood Field, which served as their home from 1910 through 1987 and is now recognized as the oldest functioning professional stadium in the country. The club pulls out all the stops for the Rickwood Classic, honoring a different period of Birmingham baseball history each year by suiting up in that era's uniforms."