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Gobbler Country's Week 12 ACC Power Poll

The ACCCG is set.

Week 12 Power Poll

1. Georgia Tech (LW: 1, Streak: W7)
2. Clemson (LW: 2, Streak: W6)
3. Virginia Tech (LW: 3, Streak: W3)
4. North Carolina (LW: 4, Streak: W4)
5. Miami (LW: 5, Streak: W1)
6. Florida State (LW: 7, Streak: W2)
7. Boston College (LW: 6, Streak: L1)
8. Duke (LW: 8, Streak: L3)
9. Wake Forest (LW: 9, Streak: L5)
10. NC State (LW: 10, Streak: L2)
11. Virginia (LW: 11, Streak: L5)
12. Maryland (LW: 12, Streak: L6)

Week 12 Results

Miami 34, Duke 16
Florida State 29, Maryland 26
North Carolina 31, Boston College 13
Virginia Tech 38, NC State 10
Clemson 34, Virginia 21

Week 13 Schedule
(All Times Eastern)
GamePlan Schedule

Saturday, Nov. 28
Clemson at South Carolina, Noon, ESPN, DTV 206
Wake Forest at Duke, Noon, Raycom, DTV TBA
North Carolina at NC State, Noon, ESPN2, DTV 209
Virginia Tech at Virginia, 3:30, ESPN, DTV 206
Miami at South Florida, 3:30, ABC Regional
Florida State at Florida, 3:30, CBS National
Boston College at Maryland, 3:30, ESPNU, DTV 614
Georgia at Georgia Tech, 8:00, ABC/ESPN2 Reverse Mirror


  • We get a rematch between Clemson and Georgia Tech in the ACCCG. If it was anything like the regular season meeting in Atlanta it'll be a helluva game. Both teams are on long winning streaks going into rivalry games against SEC opponents.
  • The only change is BC and FSU flip-flop in the middle of the poll after FSU's win and BC's loss.
  • Everything else stayed status quo.