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Hate Week is for the Weak


My original plan was to do what a lot of blogs do and proclaim the week leading up to the france game to be "Hate Week" and do a long post filled with vitriol and swear words. Then a friend of mine pointed out that "every week is hate week." He couldn't be more right.

You see, hating france isn't something we should do for just one week leading up to a football game. No, it's more of a state of being. I realized that my hate level for france is the same in July as it is during this week. There's no reason to go overboard and post all the reasons I hate those conceited communists in Charlottesville just because it's france week. My hate for them is perpetual.

So instead of making this about me and my undying, unyielding, unfulfilled blood lust for france, I want to hear from you. Consider this the Hate Thread. Give me the reasons you hate france and why you want to see the Hokies crush their spirit (I'd say "soul" but wahoos don't have souls). Fire away in the comments.

Go Hokies, Beat UVa!