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Virginia Tech 42, UVa 13: Postgame Stream of Consciousness

10 out of 11.

  • The Hokies have now won six consecutive battles for the Commonwealth Cup.
  • Offense first.
  • Tyrod took advantage of man coverage early in the game with long passes to Danny Coale and Dyrell Roberts. Coale was playing in Charlottesville against his childhood team and pwned them.
  • Tyrod threw a bad pass in the 3rd quarter that was intercepted. Fortunately, the defense came through to make it a moot point.
  • Ryan Williams had 60 rushing yards in the first half, but Bryan Stinespring went away from him in the third quarter. It seemed like Stiney was saving him to try and wear down the UVa defense in the fourth quarter. That worked out nicely.
  • I was actually very pleased with how the offense attacked UVa. In the first half, I thought the mix between runs with Williams and passes against man coverage were perfect. In the second half, Stiney got away with going away with RW to save him. The 4th quarter was all VT.
  • The offensive line was incredible in this game. It gave Tyrod time to pass and opened up huge holes for RW and company.
  • The defense.
  • It got owned in the first half by Jameel Sewell but came up with some great answers in the second half.
  • Bud Foster did a great job of disguising his blitzes and coverages and matching them to the down and distance. Tech blitzed up the middle on short yardage when UVa typically ran with Sewell and stopped him. Then, the coverage/blitzes were perfect on passing downs to minimize Sewell's effectiveness.
  • It became clear early on that UVa's only chance was to run the ball out of zone-read option and the wildcat. The pass game was clearly not a factor. Tech took advantage of this after halftime.
  • Great efforts by Cody Grimm, Kam Chancellor, Stephan Virgil, Ryan Williams and Danny Coale. After a tough first half with penalties, the offensive line brought the pain in the second half.
  • Another huge big time win over the Wahoos to be proud of. Go celebrate, Hokie fans. Don't worry about the bowl. It'll be either the Peach or Gator depending on the ACCCG. Now is the time to be merry.