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Bourbon Shots: Scallywag Edition

Avast, mateys. The Hokies sail into Pirate-infested waters tomorrow so to get ready for the game, let's see what the mainstream media and bloggers are saying. After the last two games, Tech is definitely sporting an eye patch and peg leg. They're war wounds from its duels with Captains Paul Johnson and Butch Davis. All we need now is a parrot and we're ready for Mike Leach's Pirate School.

Virginia Tech at East Carolina

Virginia Tech injury report (Annette)
"Here's the report for the Hokies' Thursday night game against East Carolina."

Pointy Fingers (Kyle Tucker)
"So if I tell you that I don’t think this season’s shortcomings should be hung exclusively on offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring, I’m saying so because I believe it. I think he has called some pretty excellent games this season (along with a fair number of calls that I’m sure he wants to have back). Even the guy who runs the Web site whose sole purpose is to get Stinespring fired wrote multiple posts earlier this season about what a nice job Stiney was doing and that a positive trend was developing."

Scheduling oddities (Darryl Slater)
"It is the Hokies’ first road game against a team from outside the six major conferences since 2002, when they won 30-0 at Western Michigan. That isn’t surprising, since major-conference teams don’t usually travel to play smaller-conference squads."

Former Hokie Flowers saw Hosley’s potential (Mark Viera)
"Just like former Virginia Tech cornerback Brandon Flowers, punt returner Jayron Hosley is from Atlantic High School in Delray Beach, Fla. Hosley, a freshman, has emerged as special teams threat for the Hokies. After growing up with Hosley, Flowers said he saw that it in him since an early age."

Black Thursday (The A-Line)
"Secondly, while Bud is a very good defensive coordinator, he is a great DC when he has great players. They seem to be found in less quantities than in the most recent past on this unit. For all of the Merryman-inspired hype about all of the ‘young talent’ present throughout the Tech program, it doesn’t seem to have yet manifested itself defensively, particularly at the linebacking positions. Bud seems to have, temporarily at least, run short of guys named Adibi and Hall."

What the Hokies Did on Their Bye Week (College Game Balls)
"After last Thursday’s debacle against North Carolina it occurred to me that very little football preparation took place during the Hokie’s bye week. This is what some players and coaches, most likely, did instead."

Pirate Out and Black Out…two classic mistakes… (200 Years Too Late)
"First, who’s ideas were these? Second, why would/should ECU consider backing these? Purple and Gold are ECU’s colors. My idea of any type of "out" is a Purple Out. The most purple that I have ever seen in Dowdy-Ficklen was for the UCF game when they had the University sponsored Purple Out. Now, as the nation watches on a Thursday night on ESPN our stadium will be littered with a bunch of people dressed like pirates and a bunch of others wearing black."

ACC Football

Dwyer running with more purpose and drive (From The Rumble Seat)
"Everything seems to be on track to last year. If he continues on this pace, he will have a numbers year very similar to last. This can be attributed partially to our offense and the philosophy of making the read and sharing the ball with the right player. So for 2009, enjoy Dwyer running with a reason and running with a purpose. He's got his fire and got his determination [back] and we'll most likely be missing him in 2010."

Football Fan Art: Idiocy Strikes Back (Block-C)
"You know what? I’m motivated enough by your unwarranted, random response to a coaching change situation to friend you on Facebook. Let’s see, Google… John Roberge… give it a second… John Roberge – Tampa Bay, FL | Facebook… *CLICK*… give it some time… the internet is still largely dial up services below Georgia… OH… MY… GOD… +FRIEND! CLICK HERE FOR THE APPROPRIATE BACKGROUND MUSIC!"

Where to begin with attendance? (Eagle in Atlanta)
"But even with the economy, the lackluster schedule, the weather issues, Halloween, a better TV experience, and all the other excuses that contribute to the attendance issues, there are two major factors that BC must address this offseason. Those issues are: 1. The fans that no longer attend games due to donor-based seating. 2. The fans that no longer attend due to the diminished tailgating experience."

College Football

Today marks one year since the release of Phillip Fulmer (Rocky Top Talk)
"Yet we're hopeful that Vol fans can somehow both simultaneously appreciate the Kiffin Chimera and appreciate Fulmer's great contribution to the program. We understand that as difficult as it is for fans to reconcile their feelings toward both staffs, it has to be much, much more difficult for Fulmer to transition from where he was one year ago today to publicly supporting the program."

Eyes On The Prize (Burnt Orange Nation)
"It's not just that we want it -- fans of Florida and Alabama and Iowa and every other contender want it, too -- but that this is the only story that we know: "A year after coming agonizingly close, the same core Texas team returns, determined to win every game and get to the Rose Bowl, where they can triumph as national champions.""

RB Success (Or Rather, Failure) Rates: Opposing Teams (Roll 'Bama Roll)
"The defense made Tyrod Taylor a negative factor on the ground (-26 yards rushing), and only gave up one big run to Ryan Williams (32 yards), who was otherwise completely contained, for a TD in the second half. This has turned out to be the longest run of the year against our defense. 24% of VT’s running plays were no-gain plays or negative plays. Negative plays in particular are drive killers, which accounted for 17% of VT’s rushing plays. There was a very big difference between our 1st and 2nd half performance in this game on rush defense."

Nebraska's Offensive Problems Run Deep (Corn Nation)
"My primary concern is the lack of production at wide receiver. Nebraska started redshirt freshman Khiry Cooper, sophomore junior college transfer Brandon Kinnie, and junior Niles Paul at wide receiver on Saturday. None of those players even appeared in the last spring game (Paul was suspended, Kinnie was still in junior college, and Cooper was playing baseball). That's a whole lot of inexperience out there, and the direct results of recruiting problems."

The Fall's Gonna Kill You (Black Heart Gold Pants)
"For two weeks now, on this website and elsewhere, there has been much discussion of Iowa's chances of a mythical national championship. We've gamed out every scenario, from SECpocalypse to inexplicable losses by Texas to mid-major leapfrog. We've analyzed the computer rankings for signs of weakness. We've gnashed our teeth and run gravel through our hair at real and perceived slights from the national media. We've spent countless hours of time and inches of virtual newsprint on this, all with a "there are still games left to play" disclaimer."

Stuff Only I Care About

Usain Bolt Has A Cheetah (Bootlegger Sports)
"I found out today that Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt recently purchased a baby cheetah. Needless to say, I was excited. Images of Mike Tyson’s tiger and the high-jinx that would invariably ensue flooded my brain. Then, I found out Bolt merely adopted the cat as part of a publicity boost for wildlife conservation in Kenya. Needless to say, now I’m pretty bummed."

Deer Creek: An absolute M*A*S*H unit (Bob Przybylo)
"It’s been one big injury after another for Deer Creek. And needing a win at Lawton MacArthur, there couldn’t be a worse time for all this."

Olympics Watch: Americans off to hot starts (From The Rink)
"Thomas may be the reigning Vezina winner, but it's hard to argue with Miller and Anderson making the team based on their starts. The Americans have the NHL's two hottest netminders so far."

Sabres Month in Review: October (Die By The Blade)
"We keep hearing people say "this feels different" or some other variation of that phrase. I'm not exactly sure that it feels any different but if it does, the stats might help us decide why. The biggest difference between the 2008 and 2009 Sabres is their even strength play. Last season the Sabres struggled to get any goal production at even strength but this season they have been really good."

Teemu Hartikainen Talks to The Copper & Blue (The Copper & Blue)
"C & B: When do you expect to play in North America? Hartikainen: I don't know yet, I must learn to skate better before I come over there. Hopefully this season I'll learn to skate better and have a great season. Then I can determine which is the best place for me to play hockey."

The Little Things that Make a Good Team Great (Japers' Rink)
"It'd be easy to sit back, look at the Capitals wins column, and conclude this team's style of play, though fraught with issues about consistency, discipline, and effort, is good enough to make them a legitimate Stanley Cup contender. That may very well be the case - but I wouldn't bet on it."

Getting to Know Your Backup Goalies (Orland Kurtenblog)
"The Career Backup - Who is he? A serviceable NHL goalie, but knows his role. How can you spot him? During the game, he's opening the door for line changes. All other times he's busy thinking up unique nicknames for his teammates, like turning Smith into Smitty or Green into Greener."