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Virginia Tech vs. Maryland Will Be Ugly to Watch

A couple of weeks ago, Maryland announced it was going to wear camouflage uniforms during its game against the Hokies on Nov. 14 to raise awareness for the Wounded Warrior project. While Wounded Warriors is a fantastic organization and it's nice of the Terps to help promote them, I'm not sure if the new uniforms from Under Armour are going to add to the aesthetics of the game.

Not to be out-done, Nike and Virginia Tech made this announcement today:

Don't miss the on-campus celebration on Monday, November 9, 2009 at 11:30 a.m. when Nike reveals a new rivalry game day football uniform to be worn for Virginia Tech vs. Maryland on November 14, 2009.

Uh oh. We saw what Nike is capable of on Thursday when Florida State revealed its "one game only" uniforms. Well, the Hokies are next. Expect something completely unnecessary to be on the shoulders like the Seminoles and Ohio State's new unis have. And like the random feather and "NOLES" on the FSU pants, ours are going to have "UT PROSIM" on them according to the CT. It's a nice thought, but unnecessary.

And there's going to be a gradient fade on the helmet, numbers and pants? Good lord, we're going to be a laughingstock.

I hope the uniforms they're going to unveil on Monday will look good, but it's Nike so I know that's not possible. Also, why on earth are they doing this for a road game? Especially a road game that's being broadcast solely on the Internet? I guess the good news is no one will be able to see these atrocious jerseys.

The permanent throwbacks can't get here fast enough. I'm tired of trying to be Oregon when it comes to uniforms. I'd rather be Virginia Tech.