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Tech Decade: Hokies' Best Team of the Aughts

The 00s are almost over and its time to decide the best moments and players from the last 10 seasons. Every day this week you readers will decide your favorite game, win, offensive and defensive player and team from those seasons.

Today you decide which Tech team was the best of the 00s. Here are the nominees:

2000 (11-1): The 2000 team lost its only game to No. 3 Miami with Michael Vick watching on the sideline for most of the game with an injured ankle. The Hokies capped off their season with a win over Clemson in the Gator Bowl. Tech averaged 5.9 yards per play and 426.4 yards per game while scoring 40.3 points per game. The defense gave up 4.9 yards per play, 323.6 yards per game and 22.6 points per game. They were led by Vick, Lee Suggs, Ben Taylor and Willie Pile.

2004 (10-3): In 2004 the Hokies surprised most by winning the ACC in their first season in the conference. They suffered losses to USC and Auburn, who both finished the season unbeaten and another at home to NC State. Tech's offense averaged 5.5 yards per play, 365.5 yards per game and 30.8 points per game. The Hokies allowed 4.4 yards per play, 268.0 yards per game and 12.8 points per game. They were led by Bryan Randall, Eddie Royal, Vince Hall and Darryl Tapp.

2005 (11-2): If it hadn't been for the Sunshine State, the 2005 Hokies would have been unbeaten. Their two losses came to Miami at home and Florida State in the ACCCG. The Tech offense averaged 5.5 yards per play, 380.9 yards per game and 33.8 points per game. The defense gave up 4.1 yards per play, 247.6 yards per game (Ed. Note: !) and 12.9 points per game. The Hokies were led by Marcus Vick, Cedric Humes, Vince Hall and Aaron Rouse.

2007 (11-3): The Hokies struggled early in 2007, getting blown out by eventual champion LSU in Baton Rouge. However, they came together after what could have been a soul-crushing defeat against BC to win their second ACC title. The offense averaged 4.9 yards per play, 330.5 yards per game and 28.7 points per game. The defense allowed 4.3 yards per play, 296.9 yards per game and 16.1 points per gamer. Tech was led by Sean Glennon, Branden Ore, Vince Hall and Xavier Adibi.

Bonus Question for Commenters: If the Hokies beat Tennessee in the Peach Bowl, were would the 2009 team rank? What about if they lose to Tennessee?