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Bourbon Shots: Peach Bowl Edition

New Year's is my least favorite holiday. Any holiday that's pinnacle moment is the playing of france's fight song shouldn't even be considered a holiday. Because I don't like NYE, I'm usually at one of the two ends of the drinking spectrum. I either stay home, go to bed early and don't really recognize the holiday or I'm passed out well before midnight so I don't have to here that damn song.

Because Virginia Tech plays on NYE in 2009 I'll probably be doing the latter. Hopefully the Hokies will make this a NYE to remember (not that I'll remember anything) by taking down the hated Vols.

After the jump: Links.

Virginia Tech Bloggers

2009 Chick-fil-A Bowl Preview (Tech Sideline)
"I don't see a lot of differences between these two teams. Ryan Williams and Montario Hardesty will probably cancel each other out, and I think the teams are evenly matched at most positions on the field. However, I give the Hokies the advantage on special teams, and I think Tyrod Taylor will outplay Jonathan Crompton. I think those two things will send Tech into the New Year with a win."

Good Bud! (Beer Control Offense)
"Bud wants to be a Head Coach at a BCS school, but I fear he doesn’t interview well enough or look like the sexy hire for those hiring. If a Head Coaching job comes along, he will take it but at age 50 he’s getting to the awkward age. Their loss, but it’s VT’s gain, maybe in more than one way. While not named Coach in waiting this could very well be the same thing in principal."

Thoughts leading up to the CFA Bowl (The North End Zone)
"The chips (historically) are stacked against us, because we haven't beaten an SEC opponent since... wait for it... 2002. And that was Louisiana Tech. Also we haven't won in Atlanta yet this year, so that's wonderful as well. Oh and the last time we played in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, we lost to Georgia 31-24 after leading 21-6 midway through the third. And did I mention that the ACC has lost the last four CFA Bowls?"

Virginia Tech Beat Writers

Ground Zero (Aaron McFarling)
"Estes says that here in Bristol, people play on this table an average of four nights a week. You wouldn't dare catch a Hokie -- even a particularly thirsty one -- playing on the Tennessee end of the board, and vice versa. And that's the great thing about this place: You have to pick a side. Particularly when the two biggest college teams in the area are about to face off in the Chick-fil-A Bowl on New Year's Eve."

Change of heart for Worilds? (Nathan "Tommie Frazier" Warters)
"That means Thursday’s Chick-fil-A Bowl could be his last game as a Hokie. Beamer said today during his press conference that he’s been impressed with the play of the team’s young defensive ends during this bowl practice season. They might need them sooner than expected."

Lil Wayne vs. John Wayne (Kyle Tucker)
"Beamer asks a good question below: How much winning is enough winning? Once you get to the top, will anyone ever be satisfied unless their favorite program wins every game every year? I’ll step off the soap box now and let Beamer and Kiffin – two very distinct personalities, about which I’ve written for tomorrow’s printed paper – take it away."

To deal with layoff, Hokies get physical (Mark Viera)
"To say nothing of the travel, distractions and often difficult opponent, perhaps the toughest aspect of playing in a bowl game is staying fresh during the month layoff after the regular season. Virginia Tech tried to handle that problem by having its players pound on each other."

Virginia Tech’s secondary: The future is now (Darryl Slater)
"Gray knows Hosley well. Not only does he coach him every day, he also helped recruit him out of Atlantic High in Delray Beach, Fla., the alma mater of former Tech corner Brandon Flowers and former wide receiver David Clowney. Hosley was a last-minute and much-celebrated addition to Tech’s 2009 class – something of a surprise for the Hokies’ coaches."

Va. Tech fullback Jefferson: Outside the limelight (Randy King)
"Offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring did his best to get Jefferson in the end zone in Tech's 36-9 rout at Maryland on Nov. 14. With the Hokies leading 7-0 late in the first quarter, Jefferson was wide open in the right flat in a second-and-goal situation at Maryland's 3-yard line, but quarterback Tyrod Taylor's pass was thrown a little behind him. Jefferson got his hands on the ball, but couldn't reel in it."

Hokies look for magic number 10 against Tennessee (Collegiate Times)
"Thursday night’s game will end pivotal seasons for both Virginia Tech and Tennessee’s football programs. While the Vols will have their first season under Lane Kiffin wrapped on either a good or a bad note, the Hokies will end a season that "could have been" on either a good or a bad note. Either way, both teams have much to look forward to for seasons to come – and that’s what makes the Chick-Fil-A Bowl game so intriguing."

National Bloggers

Breaking down the SEC Bowls (Tony Barnhart)
"Tennessee vs. Virginia Tech (Chick-fil-A, Thursday): Both teams will want to run the ball and play defense. Don’t ask Jonathon Crompton to do too much against a defense ranked sixth in the country. Tennessee RB Montario Hardesty (1,306 yards rushing) vs. Virginia Tech RB Ryan Williams (1,538) will be worth watching. I’m giving a slight edge to Virginia Tech, because DC Bud Foster will force Crompton to make plays. Virginia Tech 17, Tennessee 14."

Atlanta: Home away from home for Hokies (Annette)
"This year’s Chick-fil-A Bowl is the third CFA Bowl event since 2006 that the Hokies have played in: The 2006 bowl game against Georgia, this year’s kickoff game against Alabama, and Thursday night’s game against Tennessee. Since 2006, Beamer and Dell Curry have both played in the CFA Bowl Challenge golf event three times, and they won it in 2006 and placed second the past two years."

Chick-fil-A Bowl Preview (ACC Sports Journal)
"Vicarious Connection: Apollo 16. Chris Kraft (Virginia Tech 1944) was director of NASA’s Manned Spacecraft Center during Apollo 16. Henry W. Hartsfield (Tennessee 1971) was a member of the astronaut support crew for that April 1972 mission, NASA’s fifth project to land on the moon."