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A Final Update on the Kids We Helped in October


This blog and several others in SB Nation participated in the Donor's Choose Social Media Challenge in October. The purpose of that project was to raise money to help underprivileged kids in public schools. Naturally, we helped raise money for a classroom in the Commonwealth taught by Ms. Shinn.

We raised enough money to buy Ms. Shinn basic school supplies her kids desperately needed. As you can see in the above photo, the kids were very grateful to receive their supplies. Below is a letter from Ms. Shinn. Thanks to everyone who supported Donor's Choose during October to help kids in the Commonwealth get an education.

Dear Blog,

I just wanted to thank all of you for the support you gave to my students and I. My students were so excited when the supplies arrived at school. Although they came after school hours, I waited until the next day to open the boxes with my students. They were so thrilled! My students have been able to organize their work, motivate themselves and use fun and creative ideas to express their thoughts and ideas.

One project we worked on was building Native American regional villages. First, we worked on the Powhatan village of the Eastern Woodlands. The project turned out so great, we put it on display in the Library for all to see. The students then started work on a Pueblo village. They were able to use the supplies to draft and build the Pueblo village. Currently they are working on making a Sioux village. I cannot wait to see how it comes out!

Thank you again! A gift is a wonderful thing, and it was so nice of you to help us out. These students deserve the best, and your gifts are helping us get there!

With gratitude,
Ms. S.