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A Peach of a Peach Bowl Podcast with Rocky Talk Top

Note: Click Here if the Above Embedded Code Doesn't Work.

Post Show Update: I thought it went well. I wasn't able to prepare as much as I'd liked but it was a nice back-and-forth with the RTT guys. Every time I said "horrific" I meant "fucking shitty".

Joel and Will from SB Nation's Tennessee Blog, Rocky Top Talk, have asked me to join their podcast to preview the Peach Bowl at 9 EST tonight. Please listen in. To make it more interesting, please try to guess how many times I do the following and leave your guesses in the comments:

1. Accidentally say "Rocky Talk Top". Example - "I really enjoy reading Rocky Talk ... Talk ... Top ...*sigh* ... your blog.").
2. Stop short of saying a swear. It's strictly forbidden on this podcast. Example - "Our offensive line has been fff... er, horrible at pass blocking."
3. Reference Lil Wayne's Lane Kiffin rap.
4. Correct Will and Joel after one of them has called this bowl game by its slave name (Is that racist? Can I say that? Or is it only funny when Peter Griffin does it in Family Guy?) by calling it the Peach Bowl right afterward.
5. I don't hear Joel or Will's question because I'm paying too much attention to the third period of the Sabres game and just answer whatever question I wanted them to ask.