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You're in Gobbler Country

Hokie fans are a special breed. They're fiercely loyal to their school and to each other. They travel as well as any fanbase I've seen and are proud to wear the unique orange and maroon color combo anytime, anywhere. This blog will strive to be one Hokie fans can be proud of. The best fans in college football are what make the atmosphere at Lane Stadium so great. With your help, the same can happen here.

This space will be useless without you readers. Your opinions about the Hokies and this blog are welcomed in the comments and by using SB Nation's FanShots and FanPosts.

They're a unique way to contribute to Gobbler Country and share your thoughts on Virginia Tech athletics. The only rule I have is to not personally attack any fellow readers and commenters of Gobbler Country. Hopefully there will at times be some heated discussions in the comments, but keep the gloves up.

Tell what you want to see on the blog and how it can be improved. My E-mail is I hope to bring you a blog worthy of the best fans in college football.