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Make Yourselves at Home

The main reason I'm thrilled to be a part of SB Nation is the many different ways it gives readers to contribute to the blog. In addition to improved comments, readers can create their own posts and submit links, photos and quotes to share with other readers.

It transforms Gobbler Country from merely a blog into a community.

However, there are some guidelines for commenting and posting FanPosts and FanShots. Basically it comes down to using good judgment and ... ugh, it PAINS me to say this ... showing a little Hokies Respect.

Now that I'm done sounding like Jim Weaver, allow me to explain.


- No personal attacks against fellow commenters. I'm always fair game, but be nice to eachother. I like people coming to this site and contributing and doing something that would keep someone from coming back to comment or post won't be tolerated.
- No intolerant or prejudiced comments are allowed. This includes any statement that is sexist, racist or homophobic in nature.
- Keep discussion of religion or politics off this site.

If you wish to alert me of any comments or posts that violate these guidelines, you can E-mail me at Please include your SBN username, the SBN username of the offender and the URL of the comment or post in question.


You can use FanPosts to spark conversation about a specific topic that isn't covered on the front page. These should be a little longer than FanShots and should bring up an issue you feel Hokie fans would feel worthy of discussion.

- Keep FanPosts Hokie-related.
- Don't abuse them. Try not to post more than once or twice a day.
- Any posts that could be considered commercial advertising are subject to deletion.


These are links, quotes, photos and videos you feel should be shared with the community. Use these if you have nothing to add to them and don't feel they're worthy of a full FanPost. Again, please keep them Hokie-related and don't abuse them.

Through the comments, FanPosts and FanShots, Gobbler Country should feel more like a community than a blog. It isn't a message board or a radio call-in show, but it does allow you to join the conversation on Hokie sports.