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ACC Flavor Changing in NFL Draft

The ACC has faced a lot of bad publicity in recent years for how its teams have performed in the spotlight. Virginia Tech's win over Cincinnati in the Orange Bowl was the first BCS win for an ACC team since 2000. Clemson and the rest of the league took one on the chin in Week 1 of the 2008 season. No ACC team had less than three conference losses in 2008.

But there are a few things the ACC can hang its hat on, like its record against other BCS leagues and its history of producing top players in the NFL. In fact, the league office takes a lot of pride in how many ACC players get taken in the draft each year.

2009 will be no exception. Wake's Aaron Curry, UVa's Eugene Monroe and BC's BJ Raji are just some of the ACC players expected to go early on Saturday. And the talent is starting to come from unexpected places in the ACC.

Miami will not have a player drafted in the first round for the first time in 15 years this weekend. Everette Brown is likely to be the only Seminole taken in the early rounds. The shift of the balance of power in the conference is becoming apparent based on where the draft prospects are coming from.

The guys at The Legacyx4 have noted (in nifty graph form) that the natural correlation between winning and NFL-ready players can be quantified.

Now, what does it take talent-wise to win in the ACC? Here's a linear regression based on ACC draft picks/year related to total wins/year: 0.375*(NFL picks) + 5.7584 = Total Wins. So basically, no draft picks equates to about 5-6 wins and each draft pick on your team gives you a third of a win. Not too bad.

I think this can be seen best through Wake Forest. Once a league doormat, the Deacs have now challenged for their division title the last three seasons and could have the No. 1 pick in the draft this weekend.



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