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2009 Spring Grades: Hokies Offense

Spring practice has come and gone. We have numerous reports, three formal scrimmages worth of stats and three 40-play informal scrimmages worth of stats to devour, digest and turn into ... something ... for the next four months until the Hokies open fall camp. Let's see what we learned from the spring football, staring with a few offensive players. Keep in mind, I'm a tough grader.

Tyrod Taylor - Jr. - QB: B-

The hitch is gone from Tyrod's release and his arm strength has improved. However, the accuracy still has a way to go. He was having a good spring game until his misfired on six of his last seven passes.

The good news is he now trusts his receivers and is developing a rapport with the young receivers, especially Dyrell Roberts. The two connect on the only touchdown for the White team Saturday on a well thrown ball over Rock Carmichael, who will likely be the starting field corner next year.

Also, is it just me or does it seem weird seeing "Jr." next to Tyrod's name?

Ju-Ju Clayton - Fr. - QB: C

Sorry, Ju-Ju. The final exam is weighed heavier than other assignments.

While Clayton is listed No. 2 on the Hokie depth chart, I would be a lot more comfortable with Boone and running the Wild Turkey fulltime if/when Tyrod gets hurt next year.

Clayton played well enough in practice and early scrimmages to win the No. 2 job. But his collar got tight in front of 41k Hokie fans on Saturday.

Ryan Williams - Fr. - RB: A

All eyes were on Williams with Darren Evans, Josh Oglesby and Kenny Lewis not participating in the spring game. The kid didn't disappoint.

Greg Boone - Sr. - TE: C+

Didn't have a bad spring, but was overshadowed by Chris Drager. Drager could become the Hokies primary pass catching threat at a crowded tight end position in the fall. I'm interested to see if the emergence of Drager means more H-back and Wild Turkey plays from Boone to get him on the field.

The Offensive Line: Incomplete

There were too many injuries to get a full read on the offensive line. Only three of the five projected starting offensive lineman played in Saturday's spring game. And the Evans they were blocking for was freshman Zac Evans, not Darren, the team's leading rusher last year.

The positive side is the Hokies were able to develop some depth on the line. Three offensive lineman shared the team's "most improved" award for the spring.

Bryan Stinespring - OC: A-

The Hokies averaged 4.5 yards per play during the 2008 season. The White and Maroon teams combined to average 4.7 yards per play in the spring game without Darren Evans and with a large amount of QB rushing yards wiped out due to the down-by-touch rule that was in effect. Just the fact that the offense was the storyline of the spring game gives Stiney an A.

Continue after the jump for more notes and a ton of links.


The football team handed out its spring hardware Saturday. Tyrod was given awards for outstanding leadership and offensive MVP. Just what you want to see from your QB.

One of my favorites, LB Cody Grimm, took home the Frank O. Moseley Award on defense for showing the most hustle during workouts.

Get your ticket order in

I'm 1,100 miles away from the 'Burg, so I won't be buying season tickets this year. I was tempted because if I was ever going to get them, this would be the year. It's the best home schedule I've ever seen and it looks like I wouldn't have to up my annual Hokie Club donation much to get them.

Ticket orders need to be in by May 1, both for season tickets and for the CFA game against Alabama.

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