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Hokies Boast Best Attended ACC Spring Game

Think Hokies fans are excited for the 2009 season? An assumed school record 41,000 fans were estimated by the school at Saturday's spring game. According to Giggity it was the most of any ACC school.

Virginia Tech    40,000
Florida State    36,000
Clemson    24,000
N.C. State    21,075
Maryland    10,323
Georgia Tech    8,500
Virginia    8,000
Duke    4,162
UNC    2,000

Miami, Wake Forest and Boston College did not give attendance figures for their respective spring games. Safe to say if it was near Virginia Tech's neighborhood, we would have heard about it.

That's huge for the Hokies. Most of our fans live about five hours from Blacksburg in Eastern and Northern Virginia.

Capacity at Lane Stadium is 66,233. The 41,000 estimated by Tech to be at the spring game represents 62 percent of capacity. No, it's not the 95k at Ohio Stadium this year or the 92k at Bryant-Denny in 2007. But it's a good sign of the healthy of the program that so many were willing to drive so far for a scrimmage in Blacksburg.

Annette Finally Asks the Tough Questions

Back when Annette interviewed Bryan Stinespring, I pointed out that she never asked him about how he's taking the criticism from Tech fans. Well, today she had a very long story where she asked that question of damn near everyone in the athletics department.

"You cannot say you're completely immune to things," [Stinespring] said. "It's hard to be in this time and age. It really comes from the subtleties of it. When people say things like, 'Hey man, keep your head up,' that's a reminder that there's this going on, or there's that going on."

You can add Stinespring to the list of coaches Annette is trying to placate in print. But she did raise valid questions about the offense and Stinespring's future if the O falls on its face this year. To her credit, that's a helluva lot more than she's been willing to do with Paul Johnson and David Cutcliffe.

While Bud Foster may be padding Stiney's resume to some extent, it's obvious he doesn't deserve to be criticized as fiercely as he has been. He lacks as a play-caller, particularly in late situations. But he's a good recruiter and runs the offense Frank Beamer feels gives the team the best chance to win. The system isn't going to change. But the quality of players in it sure has and for the better.

From the story, it's clear no one on the staff is blaming the offense for Virginia Tech not going undefeated every season like some people believe they should.

Beamer and Curry Finish Second

Frank Beamer and Dell Curry lost a playoff to Steve Spurrier and Sterling Sharpe at the CFA Bowl Golf Challenge Tuesday. The two teams were 12-under after 18. It came down to a closest-to-the-pin contest which the team from South Carolina won.

It was the second consecutive win for Spurrier and Sharpe. Beamer and Curry won in 2007. Friggin' SEC wins everything.

The Barnhart has a story on how seriously the coaches take this thing.

2nd Round Predictin'

I was horrible in round one. Round two will be no different.

Bruins over Hurricanes in five.
Penguins over Capitals (PS - Pens-Caps!) in seven.
Red Wings over Ducks in five.
Canucks over Blackhawks in seven.

I'll be rooting against the Red Wings and for my boy Patrick Kane and the Blackhawks in the West. I don't see anyone beating the Bruins and everyone wins with the Sid-Ovie series in the East.



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