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BC Looking for a QB; UMd Finds WRs

Two more of our soon to be vanquished foes held spring games over the weekend. Boston College saw its defense dominate its offense, 47-21. White beat Red 34-24 in College Park.

Boston College

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Dominique Davis was given a vast majority of the snaps and completed 20 of 40 passes for 145 yards and a pick. His 3.6 yards per attempt obviously leaves something to be desired. However, the two guys chasing him for the starting job (Justin Tuggle and Codi Boek) were just as pedestrian. The BC QB race won't be decided until the fall.

On defense, the Eagles have to replace BJ Raji and Ron Brace in the middle. At least one BC player was impressive on the day both learned of their NFL destinations, according to BC All-Access:

The man with the biggest shoes to fill is Damik Scafe. Scafe wrapped up an excellent spring with a stellar performance in the spring game. Scafe was reminiscent of his predecessors blowing up plays in the backfield and wrecking havoc at the point of attack. Max Holloway and Brad Neuman each recorded sacks in the contest.


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Like BC, one of the story lines for the Terps was replacing a star player on the day he was drafted. In Maryland's case it was wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey. Sophomore Quinton McCree and junior Adrian Cannon gave Terp fans a reason to be optimistic by combining for five touchdown catches.

While Da'Rel Sc'ott is sure to be the linchpin of Maryland's offense next year, Saturday showed they are either not one-dimensional or completely bereft of a secondary.

What We Learned

Honestly, I think the Eagles are less of a threat and the Terps are more of a threat to the Hokies in 2009. We should beat the Eagles because it's in Blacksburg, they don't have a QB they can trust right now and I won't be there (3-0 with me watching on TV, 0-3 with me in the stands since 2005). The Terps, however, will be improved on defense, will likely have Da'Rel Sc'ott in the backfield against us and will be at home.