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SI Ranks Hokies No. 5 After Spring

This is not what I like to see.'s Andy Staples has the Hokies No. 5 in his post-spring poll. To make things worse, he has the Tide at No. 10.

1. Florida
2. Texas
3. Oklahoma
4. USC
5. Virginia Tech
6. Oklahoma State
7. Ole Miss
8. Oregon
9. Ohio State
10. Alabama

While it's exciting for most Tech fans to see the Hokies getting preseason love like this, it makes me weary. I'd rather be No. 11 and play as the underdog on Sept. 5. To me, Tech plays a lot better when its the underdog and doesn't have this kind of preseason hype.

While I'm on board with Staples on Oklahoma State and Oregon, I'd swap the Hokies and Tide. Alabama's defense is downright terrifying and the Hokies' O-line is on the mend right now.

The other ACC team's in Staples' Top 25 are No. 14 Georgia Tech and No. 22 Florida State.

Drager to Defensive End

Chris Drager had a huge spring game and appeared to be challenging Greg Boone for the starting tight end spot. Well, so much for that.

The sophomore is moving to defensive end, where the Hokies already have moved John Graves to try and get some depth at the position. After Jason Worlids, Nekos Brown and Graves, the talent pool is extremely shallow at DE so it would be easy for Drager to see playing time.

Meanwhile, the Hokies aren't hurting at TE with Boone followed by Andre Smith and Sam Wheeler, who are both solid players who are overcoming injuries.

Mad Jay at Tech Superfans has another theory on what may have motivated Drager's move:

Drager and the coaches watched what happened to Connor Barwin at Cincinnati, whom the Hokies battled in the Orange Bowl this year. Barwin was a tight end in 2007 who moved to defensive end for his senior year and just last weekend got drafted in the 2nd round by the Houston Texans at defensive end. 2nd round is big money.



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