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Hokie Rush Defense Skewed by Sacks in 2008

A great read from Tomahawk Nation on rush defenses in the ACC brought up a few interesting stats on Virginia Tech last season. While the Hokies allowed 996 yards on 312 rushing attempts (3.2 ypc) in ACC play, that includes 240 yards on an ACC-leading 27 sacks.

Without the sacks, the Hokies go from being third in the conference in ypc allowed to being seventh. The Hokies' ypc was the most affected in the ACC by taking out sacks according to the graph at Tomahawk Nation.

VT Rush D (ACC games only)
Att Yds Avg Change
Total 312 996 3.2
Sacks 27 240 8.9
w/o Sacks 285 1236 4.3 34%



The bottom line is the Hokies weren't as good at stopping the run as we thought in 2008. However, I think they'll be better. I believe the we are upgrading our personnel at defensive tackle and middle linebacker in 2009.

At defensive tackle, I like Taco Thompson and Demetrius Taylor even if they didn't have the best of springs. The question at DT is depth. Freshman Antoine Hopkins had a monster spring and will be ready for significant playing time once the season starts. However, beyond him are a lot of question marks.

At linebacker, Purnell Sturdivant and Brett Warren were No. 1 and No. 2 on the team in tackles last year. But I still think the group of young players the Hokies have taking over the middle linebacker spots next year are an improvement. Jake Johnson will likely take one of the spots as a sophomore and be joined by Barquell Rivers, who played well in last year's Orange Bowl.

I expect the Hokies' rush defense on true running plays to be better this year than last.



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