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Nightmare Week: Left Behind

Welcome to Nightmare Week. Every day this week I'll present a worst-case scenario that should keep all Hokie fans from sleeping that night. It may be masochistic, but if you knew my dating history you would understand that's just how I roll.

Setting the Stage: Virginia Tech enters its 2009 campaign with high expectations. They exceed all of them on their way to beating Alabama and then steamrolling through the first part of its ACC schedule.

Tech is quickly vaulted to No. 3 in the country behind undefeated Florida and Texas.

Turning Point: The Hokies reach 8-0, but are still No. 3 behind Florida and Texas as the Gators and Horns also roll against each opponent they face.

Quickly, the Hokies realize they need to root against Florida and Texas as much as they need to root for their own team. However, neither appears to have any chinks int he armor.

Worst-Case Scenario: Tech enters the ACCCG at 12-0. Florida and Texas are also undefeated. If all three win, it is apparent the Hokies will be the ones left out of the BCSCG.

Tech rolls to its third consecutive ACC title in a 1 p.m. kickoff and must now watch as the Gators and Horns play. Florida is also dominant and beats Alabama for the SEC title game. Texas faces Nebraska in the nightcap in what amounts to a home game in JerryWorld.

Nebraska is out-matched by Texas but at halftime is only down 10-7. The Huskers intercept Colt McCoy and return it for a touchdown to take the lead early in the second half. However, Nebraska's upset bid is no match for Texas' firepower. The Horns rattle off 21 unanswered points and cruise the rest of the way to the Big 12 crown.

Aftermath: The next day the Hokies learn they are indeed left out of the BCSCG in Pasadena. While there is even more push for a playoff from the talking heads, it is unanimously accepted the correct two teams will be playing for the national title.

The Hokies go to the Orange Bowl, where they finish an undefeated season by beating Connecticut. While Tech is able to celebrate by far the greatest season in its history, it watches Texas take the national title a week later.