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Nightmare Week: The Finale

Welcome to Nightmare Week. Every day this week I'll present a worst-case scenario that should keep all Hokie fans from sleeping that night. It may be masochistic, but if you knew my dating history you would understand that's just how I roll.

Setting the Stage: The Hokies enter their season opener against Alabama with high expectations. Through the first half of the first quarter, the Hokies are hanging with the Crimson Tide as the teams trade field goals. Tech takes the kick from the Tide and begin driving late the first quarter.

Turning Point: Tyrod Taylor drops back to pass on third down and long and is quickly flushed from the pocket. He is caught from behind by a blitzing linebacker and is unable to get up.

Taylor writhes in pain on the carpet of the Georgia Dome as trainers rush to his side. Taylor exits the field with a trainer under each arm as Ju-Ju Clayton begins to warm up on the sideline.

Worst-Case Scenario: The Hokies struggle the rest of the way against the Tide. The defense is able to keep the final score close, but Tech never seriously threatens in the game. They score a late touchdown, but fall to Alabama, 27-17.

The real loss for the Hokies comes the next morning when an MRI reveals Taylor has a torn ACL and MCL and will miss the remainder of the season. Clayton is named the starting quarterback.

The Aftermath: Clayton struggles as Virginia Tech's quarterback and shares duties with Greg Boone. The Hokies fall to Nebraska, Miami, Georgia Tech, North Carolina and Maryland before entering their final regular season game with Virginia needing a win to keep their bowl streak alive.

However, the Hokies struggle on the road, as they have all year and their defense is shredded by UVa's spread offense, which after struggling early in the season has come together. Clayton, Boone and Marcus Davis all see time at quarterback as the Hokies try to mount a comeback.

UVa scores a late touchdown to give it a 13-point lead with three minutes to go, insuring the Hokies will not go bowling for the first time since the 1992 season.