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Drafting the Ultimate ACC Road Trip

Earlier today, Annette posted her "ultimate ACC road trip" which included trips to eight different ACC venues to see 11 different ACC teams. That's cute and all but isn't really tough to do. So, I enlisted CGB from College Game Balls to draft our ultimate ACC road trips.

There were only a couple of rules: You had to visit every ACC stadium at least once and once a game was selected, that game was off the board. My original idea was for each of us to select only four games that the other couldn't use and then compare trips.

However, that idea was deemed unworthy by CGB's standards so we had to draft the full trips.

As you'll see, we both had our strategies. While CGB loaded up on the choicest non-conference games early, I was taking Thursday games to give me more scheduling flexibility and more games overall. In the end, CGB almost lost completely by failing to see every ACC stadium. But, he pulled it out in the end.

Warning - abusive language ahead.

F4H: South Carolina at NCSU on Sept. 3
CGB: Interesting selection. I will have to take Miami at FSU.
F4H: Fuck. That was my next pick.
CGB: I know. Monday Night Football. Does it get any better?
CGB: I am the Bill Belichick of this game.
F4H: Clemson at Georgia Tech on Sept. 10.
CGB: Ahh, nice recovery.
F4H: Think Winfield will be drunk for that one?
CGB: I would hope so. But more so I hope he nails some girl in the back of the Reck.
F4H: He better.
CGB: And even more than that I hope he drives us around.
F4H: He better take us to the Gold Club in it.
CGB: I select FSU at Wake on 11/14.
F4H: FSU at UNC on 10/22.
CGB: Nebraska at VT on 9/19.
F4H: GT at Miami on 9/17.
CGB: This is a good one - TCU at Clemson 9/26.
CGB: Is there anyway I'm going to lose this game now?
F4H: Only If you fail to hit all the stadiums.
CGB: That would be an epic collapse.
F4H: UNC at VT on Oct. 29.
CGB: Duke at Virginia on 10/31.
F4H: I can only imagine the shittiness that is C'ville on Halloween.
CGB: I wonder what the most popular costume is.
F4H: They probably all just dress up as Jefferson and have a giant circlejerk.
CGB: I'll take Miami at UNC.
F4H: You already have a Nov. 14 game.
CGB: Goddammit, I have a 9/19 game, too, right?
F4H: Yes.
CGB: Is 10/22 open?
F4H: Yes, except its a Thursday and I took FSU-UNC.
CGB: Faaaaaaaaacccckkkk.
F4H: [Cackles maniacally.]
CGB: Duke at UNC on 11/7.
F4H: For the record you are already seeing Duke twice and have to take a third game later.
CGB: I heart Duke. Great coach. Great Tradition. Scrappy.
CGB: Having a spreadsheet is such cheating.
F4H: Someone has to keep track of this shit.
F4H: This would have been much better drunk.
CGB: Yeah it would have been. In the ATL we will get a bunch of bloggers and all conference. Hammered.
F4H: Massive drunken podcast?
CGB: Ohhhhhh, that would be fun.
CGB: I think I may have lost. I'm not sure if I can do them all.
F4H: This is why I suggested not doing it this way.
CGB: Hindsight is 20/20.
F4H: So we did this for nothing?
CGB: Haha, I can do two of the remaining three.
CGB: Hahahahaha.
CGB: Let me check.
CGB: Yeah, I lose.
F4H: Jesus Pogosticking Christ.
CGB: Oh wait, maybe not. I can do 10/24 UMd at Duke, 9/12 JMU at UMd and on 9/5 Northeastern at BC in the Amalie Bowl.
F4H: Awesome.

Ultimate ACC Road Trips
Date CGB Date F4H
Sept. 5 Northeastern at BC Sept. 3 S. Carolina at NC State
Sept. 7 Miami at FSU Sept. 5 Baylor at Wake Forest
Sept. 12 JMU at Maryland Sept. 10 Clemson at GT
Sept. 19 Nebraska at VT Sept. 12 Stanford at Wake Forest
Sept. 26 TCU at Clemson Sept. 17 Georgia Tech at Miami
Oct. 3 Oklahoma at Miami Sept. 19 BC at Clemson
Oct. 10 BC at Virginia Tech Sept. 26 Miami at Virginia Tech
Oct. 17 Virginia Tech at GT Oct. 3 Virginia Tech at Duke
Oct. 24 Maryland at Duke Oct. 10 Georgia Tech at FSU
Oct. 31 Duke at Virginia Oct. 17 Wake at Clemson
Nov. 7 Duke at N. Carolina Oct. 22 FSU at UNC
Nov. 14 FSU at Wake Forest Oct. 24 Georgia Tech at Virginia
Nov. 21 NC State at VT Oct. 29 UNC at Virginia Tech
Nov. 28 UNC at NC State Oct. 31 NC State at FSU
Nov. 7 FSU at Clemson
Nov. 14 VT at Maryland
Nov. 21 UNC at Boston College
Nov. 28 UGa at Georgia Tech

We both claim victory. We'll leave it to you to decide who's schedule is better.

UPDATE: Hockey Picks

I was in a rush when I posted this and forgot to give the picks for the next round. I did just as good in Round 2 as I did in Round 1, getting 50 percent.

Penguins over Hurricanes in 6.
- The goalies will be the story.
Blackhawks over Red Wings in 5.
- De-troit sucks! De-troit sucks!
Memorial Cup: Kelowna over Windsor.
- Watch it be the two Q teams in the final.



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