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The Hokies, the Spread, the Read-Option and the Wild Turkey

FSUncensored suggested last night that the Hokies should spread the field to run the ball like Florida and West Virginia. A lot of fans have wondered why the Hokies don't do this. The answer is simple: Philosophy and personnel.

The Hokies run an offense designed to keep the score low, keep its defense off the field and shorten the game. We're going to run the ball between the tackles until you prove you can stop it and then run play-action.

Also, I think the offensive line, with the exception of Sergio Render, isn't athletic enough to run a spread-style offense. We have bigger, bruising linemen where teams that run the spread prefer smaller more agile linemen.

What the Hokies do tend to run are read-option plays where Tyrod Taylor reads the defensive end and decides whether to keep or hand the ball off. We did this a lot more when Branden Ore was in the backfield because in my opinion he was better at running off-tackle than Darren Evans. But with Ryan Williams now contending for playing time I think you'll see more of this next year.

The Wild Turkey formation the Hokies throw out with Greg Boone isn't a true spread formation. While some of the Wild-nomenclature offenses do spread the field, what the Hokies run is simply read-option with a quarterback everyone knows isn't going to throw the ball.

I think you'll see more traditional read-option plays with Taylor and Williams this fall. However, I don't think you'll see Tech spreading the field to run it. It will simply be another way the Hokies chew up clock and yards on the ground to fit their system.

Hokie Kickball?

Something that hasn't made its way to my neck of the woods is kickball leagues. All my friends out East, include the venerable Winfield, are joining these things. I guess its what college kids and wannabe college kids like myself are doing instead of beer league softball. It makes sense since it has to be a lot cheaper than buying cleats and a softball bat.

Does Virginia Tech have intramural kickball yet? Are there any club kickball teams out there? This seems like something we could easily kick UVa's ass in.



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