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5 Players the Hokies Can't Do Without

Last week, Jeff took time off from arguing over which chain restaurant to go out to with Mrs. Jeff before finally saying screw it and finishing the leftover spaghetti to discuss BC's most indispensable players with Brian. I thought it was a good idea, so I'm stealing borrowing it.

Here's my pick for the five players the Hokies can ill-afford to lose. Post yours in the comments.

1. Tyrod Taylor, Jr., QB
This was a pretty easy selection. With a plethora of unknowns behind him, Taylor must stay healthy or at least healthy by his standards for the Hokies to succeed this season. Without Tyrod, Tech's season wouldn't be lost but it would put everything into chaos at the least.

2. Sergio Render, Sr., OL
We've learned that as the O-line goes, so goes Tech's running game. The margin for error on Tech's line is razor thin. In the last two seasons, an early injury has thrown the line out of whack and led to struggles in the running game. Render, a guard, is our most talented and most versatile lineman. He might be the only one that's irreplaceable.

3. Kam Chancellor, Sr., FS
His athleticism and nose for the ball separate him from the rest of the secondary. He is the quarterback of the Hokie defense and without him it would be disorganized until another leader could be found. Chancellor improved greatly as a free safety late in the year and I expect to see a season similar to his sophomore year in 2009.

4. Taco Thompson, Sr., DT
Defensive tackle is too thin a position for the Hokies to lose their most experienced one.

5. Darren Evans, So., RB
Evans was a workhorse the last half of 2008. He ran over Maryland and cut through Cincinnati in his two best games. The Hokies have a stable of talented running backs. However, I don't think they could replace his toughness between the tackles.



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