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Tailgating Makes Everything Better

I was talking to a northern friend of mine over the weekend about tailgating at Tech games and at college football games in general. I'd gone with the same friend to the Jimmy Buffett concert in Frisco, Texas, the week before and he was amazed by the tailgating scene there. I told him if he really wanted to be impressed he should come to the 'Burg or really any college town in the South on a college football Saturday.

Really the whole tailgating phenomenon blew his Michigan mind. I know tailgating exists up there, but he didn't grasp why we felt tailgating was a necessity for everything. There isn't a single event in life that wouldn't be improved by tailgating. We do it for concerts and sporting events, but really what this country needs now is more tailgating.

With the recession, the H1N1 swine virus shenanigans and everything else going on in the U.S. what we really need is more beer and burgers before everything we do.

Congressional Hearings

Did anyone bother to tailgate the colossal waste of time that was the BCS congressional hearing on Friday? If there was ever a time to tailgate before a political circle jerk it was at those BCS hearings.

It involved college football, so someone better have been out in front of the Capitol cooking dead animals and doing beer bongs.


I've always liked funerals that are a celebration of life more than they are grieving a loss. And there's no better way to celebrate life than by getting wasted in honor of a good friend.

When I die you people better tailgate my funeral. And it better be good. I want my funeral to be the party of the year. Tons of Wild Turkey, Johnsonville brats, etc, etc. And if Larry and Clota are still alive when I leave this piece, I have no doubt this will be the case.

I will haunt all of you for the rest of your lives if anyone is sober during my funeral.


I'm going to the midnight showing of Star Trek when it comes out May 8. Hate all you want, but this movie's going to be awesome. According to the commercial I saw it has sex, explosions, Vulcans and is about how Kirk and Spock met. Fantastic.

But, it would be even better if I showed up to the Warren Theatre in Moore at 6 p.m. and spent six hours "preparing" to see the movie. We'll grill Tribbles and everything.

Give me more suggestions of what would be improved by tailgating in the comments.



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