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Annette Defends the ACC

Big Ten commish Jim Delaney cited the ACCCG and its poor attendance figures as a reason his conference doesn't need a championship game. However, Delaney was missing the big picture. And our four-letter network ACC blogger Annette called him out on it.

The addition and success of Virginia Tech and Boston College has forced other teams -- including Miami -- to improve. Better coaches have been hired. Better facilities are being built. An NCAA-record 10 ACC teams were bowl eligible last season. And everyone wants to play in the Orange Bowl.

And while the excitement bubbled over until the very last regular-season kickoff of 2008 -- 10 teams were still eligible to play in the title game in Week 11 -- the Big Ten players had finished their season early enough to walk home for Thanksgiving.

The ACCCG has been a box-office failure the last three years. However, when you play the game in Florida and no Florida teams show up, you're going to have trouble selling tickets. I think once the ACCCG moves to Charlotte in 2010 it will improve attendance-wise. It's a more central location that allows more fans to travel. Also, Florida is SEC country in my opinion. Charlotte has a lot more casual ACC fans than Tampa. However, with the ACC's luck the first Charlotte game will feature FSU and Miami.

Like Annette said, the first ACCCG was a huge success. It was the only ACCCG played in prime time and the only one to include a Florida team so far. Therefore, you see a big disparity in the following numbers:

ACC Championship Games
Year Loc. Game Att. Rat.
2005 JAX Florida State 27, Virginia Tech 22 72,749 5.1
2006 JAX Wake Fores 9, Georgia Tech 6 62,850 4.0
2007 JAX Virginia Tech 30, Boston College 16 53,212 4.1
2008 TB Virginia Tech 30, Boston College 12 27,360 2.9


And it's not just about attendance figures and Nielsen Ratings. It's also about the talking heads. By finishing their season a week before Thanksgiving, the Big Ten is taking itself out of the college football conversation for two weeks. Last year the SEC and Big 12 were discussed, dissected and debated ad nauseam while Penn State and Ohio State were an afterthought.

Being part of the discussion is why the ACC needs a championship game even if no one shows up. The game's on TV and its teams, players and coaches are on SportsCenter well after the Big Ten finishes its regular season.

If the Big Ten had a championship game, it wouldn't hold it in Pittsburgh or Green Bay and screw over most of its fans. It would be in Indianapolis or Chicago and allow better travel for most of its fan base and allow for casual Big Ten fans to go see. And considering the existence of a Big Ten Network, I have a feeling there are a lot of casual Big Ten fans out there who would consider the BTCG to be a "destination" game.



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