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Goodbye to a Great ACC Blog

We gather here today to mourn the loss of an excellent ACC blog, BC Interruption. BCI has brought us profound discussion on BC and ACC sports. Its unique format made it an interesting read and Brian and Jeff brought a passion to BC, the ACC and blogging that we could all look up to.

However, things started to go downhill when Jeff decided to end his life by getting married. On Valentine's Day. How friggin' romantic. Now, Brian is following in his footsteps. The end is nigh.

So, we bid adieu to Brian, Jeff and BC Interruption. It was good while it lasted. But, since women are the ruiners of all things fun, we wish them a fond farewell.

BC Interruption 2007-2009

OK, OK, that's harsh. In all seriousness congratulations to Brian. I've met the woman he's marrying and she's a wonderful girl. She's not making him get married during football season and she managed to kick Brian and I's ass at cornhole during last year's VT-BC game in Chestnut Hill.

Good luck, you crazy kids.

Vacation Time

No more posts from me this week. I'm going out of town to get drunk in a new setting with new people. Actually, it's the same place I went last year to visit friends from college who are now making more money than I ever will working in PR. Then again, I had a fake major that required no work (journalism) while they majored in aerospace engineering.

Great guys and this week will be a lot of fun, but their constant "c'mon, it's not rocket science" jokes get old REAL quick. The best part of the trip will be going to baseball games I don't have to work with tickets that give us the right to free booze and food.

So, no posting from me unless something major happens.

See you next Tuesday, gang!



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ACC and Opponents

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Stuff Only I Care About

- I refuse to welcome our Red Wing overloards. (From the Rink)
- Failguins. (Pensburgh)
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