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Hokies Need a Better Trophy Game

Photo courtesy Northwestern State sports information.
Photo courtesy Northwestern State sports information.

That, friends, is Chief Caddo. For my money he's the best trophy in college football and he resides in the Southland Conference. Every year, Northwestern State and Stephen F. Austin battle for 7 feet, 6 inches, 320 pounds of pure, uncut, Colombian college football awesomeness.

The Chief and Trophy Games represent one of the best aspects of college football. He is the largest trophy awarded in college football and is often posed in the team photo following the game, which looks hilarious.

It's something that is missing from Virginia Tech football. We have one of the best entrances in the game and some of the best tailgating. But we're missing a trophy game. Yes, I know The Hokies and Hoos play for the Commonwealth Cup every year, but the Cup is too boring. We used to play WVU for the contrived Black Diamond Trophy, but that rivalry is no longer played.

We need something better.

We could do the contrived thing again and invent a trophy for one of our new ACC rivals. We play fellow engineering school Georgia Tech every year. What kind of trophy could we come up with for that game? A bronze slide rule? That just won't do it for me.

I have a better idea. Let's just update what we play UVa for every year. Can the Commonwealth Cup. We need something bigger, something heavier and more representative of the Commonwealth than a cup.

I've got the perfect solution: A giant bust of George Washington. The bigger and heavier the better.

He was born in Virginia and was the father of our country. And the best part is he didn't found the University of Virginia. Could you imagine Sergio Render hoisting GW's huge, wig-covered dome above his head after this year's trouncing of the Hoos?

Could you imagine the Tech students chanting "we want head" as the clock winds down on next year's thrashing of UVa in Lane Stadium? Possibilities abound. We just need to make it happen.

But that's just my idea. If you have any ideas on ways to improve the trophy game with UVa or a new one, please leave them in the comments.