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Turkey Tracks: June 11

Someone needs to send me a better title for these extremely lazy and lame links-only posts. The winner gets the beverage of their choosing at the Alabama game.



- Hokies have the toughest schedule in the country. (The North End Zone)
- Annette on the Atlantic fustercluck. (College Game Balls)
Big-time promotion for Briz. (HokieSports)

ACC and Opponents

No schollies lost for the Tide. (Roll Bama Roll)
- Weaknesses of Big 12 North teams. (Corn Nation)
- Hey! Look at the douchebag! (The 7th Floor)
- ...and then Winfield found the Women of KU calendar. (The Legacyx4)
- Is Bojangles really that good? I've never been. I've also never been to a Stuckey's. (Yet Another...)
- Jeff takes time off from getting yelled at for tracking mud into the house (it is springtime) to go around the BC world. I get the feeling that Jeff is starting to miss Brian. Like at the end of Superbad when they realize they love each other. Brian is probably Michael Cera's character. The emo one. (BC Interruption)

Stuff Only I Care About

- Casting the SEC Movie. But who will play Mike Price? (Hey Jenny Slater)
- The Sabres get mentioned by Perez Hilton. You know you've made it when... (Sabretooth's House)
Pwned. (Over the Monster)
- They're all on roids. There. I said it. All of them. Except R.A. Dickey. And every Boston Red Sox. (Awful Announcing)