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How Good is the Hokies' D-Line?

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I was thumbing through Athlon's national magazine during a layover in DFW airport and saw their position rankings. Not only did they have Virginia Tech's defensive line ranked as one of the best in the ACC, but also as one of the best in the country.

This surprised me not because I don't think our guys aren't talented, but because I wasn't sure how they stacked up against the rest of the country. I thought our defensive line is very good, but I didn't think it was one of the best out there. Our ends are studs but I have concerns about our tackles.

Most of my worries with the D-line come from our lack of depth. I'll put Jason Worilds up against any rush end in the nation and Nekos Brown was solid last year as a back-up. First up behind them is John Graves, a converted defensive tackle who played well during spring. I always thought Graves size put him at a disadvantage at DT and hoped a move to end would suit him. So far it has.

At tackle, Taco Thompson is the returnee with the most experience, but he wasn't terribly impressive last year. Then again, none of the defensive tackles were. Demetrius Taylor and Antoine Hopkins both had excellent springs, but don't have experience.

The Hokies have a strong starting front four. However, they can't afford any injuries in my opinion.

While the Hokies have talent on the defensive line, some of their ranking comes from how much defensive line talent left the league last year. BJ Raji and Ron Brace from BC, Everette Brown from FSU and Michael Johnson and Darryl Richard from GT are all gone.

I think it's a toss up between the Hokies and Clemson for who has the best defensive line in the league. Where do you think this line should be ranked, both in the ACC and nationally?

After the jump: Hokie draft picks, the College World Series, Game MF'ing 7, links and a Raggin' on Jeff that potentially crosses the line.

Hokies in the MLB Draft

Two Hokie baseball players were selected in the MLB Draft this week in New York. Outfielder Steve Bumbry went in the 12th round (356 overall) to the Baltimore Orioles. He was the highest-drafted Hokie since pitcher Jeff Landing went at No. 344 to the Mets in 2004.

Hokie pitcher Rhett Ballard was taken in the 26th round (781 overall) by the Colorado Rockies. Congrats and good luck to both Bumbry and Ballard.

Look Hoos in the CWS

This weekend I'll be rooting for a team that made its way through a tough regional and upset an SEC team on their home field in order to advance to their first CWS. You know, Southern Miss.

What's that? UVa did the same thing? Oh, well, then I have another rooting interest in Omaha. The team that's playing the Wahoos. Geaux Tigers. It's not OK to root for UVa in Omaha. But I'm on the fence with UNC. And that's just because it's been so long since the ACC win a College World Series.

Game MF'ing 7

The end-all, be-all of human existence is tonight: Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Apart from all things Hokie football, it doesn't get any better. Unfortunately, I think our Red Wing overlords will once again raise the cup. I picked Detroit in 7 at the start of this thing and I stand by it. The home team has yet to lose in this series and that trend will continue in front of the octopus worshippers. Of course, I'm not alone in thinking this.

However, I'm still willing to give the Penguins all the karma they can get. Like Disco Dan, I'll be eating Qdoba prior to tonight's game, just in case. I'm already all nerves and the puck doesn't drop for a few more hours.

I can feel it comin... (Goose's Roost)
- the air tonight. (Pensburgh)
And I've been waiting for this moment... (From the Rink)
...for all my liiiiiife. (Globe and Mail)



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ACC and Opponents

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Stuff Only I Care About

- Apparently I'm in the minority in thinking Fergie is attractive. (Joe Ovies)
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