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Follow These Hokies on The Twitter

There are several Hokies worth following on the Twitter (a friend of mine pointed out that it's much funnier to put "the" in front of it). Here's a short list of bloggers, Hokies, fans and media members that have feeds on the Twitter. If you know of any others or have your own feed, post it in the comments.

Blogs and Media

@gobblercountry - This blog's humble Twitter.
@cgb_blog - College Game Balls.
@BeerControl - Beer Control Offense.
@TechSideline - The best independent VT site out there.
@JimAlderson - Esteemed tailgater who writes The A-Line.
@vthokiefans - VT Hokie Fans.
@techsuperfans - Tech SuperFans.
@TechHoops - Tech Hoops.
@hokieg - VT Fan.
@ACCwriter - Annette.
@WDBJ7 - Roanoke TV station.
@normwood - Norm Wood from the Daily Press

We're still waiting on our boy Kyle Tucker to join the Twitter revolution.


@hokiesports - The official Twitter.
@HeadHokie - Hoops coach Seth Greenberg.
@SpiritOfTech - The Marching Virginians.
@ATinch1 - Former Hokie softball player Angela Tincher.
@dtapp55 - Darryl Tapp of the Seattle Seahawks.
@Dhall23 - DeAngelo Hall of the Washington Redskins.

No, Frank Beamer doesn't have a Twitter feed yet.


@frankbeamer - The fake Frank.
@Hokie20 - Home of the best VT desktops around.
@GaryCope - Renaissance man and Hokie fan.

Please add your feed to the the comments. I'll update this list periodically.