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Turkey Tracks: Unpopular Beliefs Edition

A couple of things have me thinking about the Alabama game today. First and foremost, I'm in The ATL right now for a convention, where I'll be again in 80 days for the big game. It can't get here quick enough. Second, I received an E-mail today about applying for press credentials for the game.

I don't plan on applying. It's not because I don't think I'd get one. It's because I wouldn't take one if it were offered to me. I've gone down that route. I've covered football games (including the 2005 Sugar Bowl) from the press box before and it just ain't me.

Some bloggers feel we should push for the ability to get into the press box and cover the games like mainstream journalists. I don't want any part of that. This blog is catharsis for me and if it ever felt even remotely like a job I would shut it down with a quickness.

So I won't be blogging from the Georgia Dome press box 80 days from now. I'll be among my people, probably hammered (OK, definitely hammered) and having the time of my life. The way I feel it should be.

(Ed. Note: Someone pleeeeeeease help me find a new and better name for these cheap linktastic posts.)



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