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Bourbon Shots: The Triumphant Return Edition

I'm back from Jawja where Winfield introduced me to Taco Mac and all it's greatness as well as PBR tallboys and $2 Tecates. Highlights from the trip include vomiting in Winfield's apartment while he slept, buying a beer for a UVa fan after the Hoos lost to Arkansas (the bastard got an expensive one, too) and drinking glorious Yuengling on draft for the first time in my life. Oh, and I ate bison.

I almost forgot. We cruised around in the MF'ing Rambin' (W)Reck! Picture me rollin'. However, we didn't take it to a strip club so I could buy it a lap dance like I requested.

I couldn't enjoy the nightlife in The ATL as much as I would have because of the convention in was in town for. Although Winfield will claim it was because I'm lame. But I did get the area scoped out for Labor Day weekend and the Alabama game. We're going to pull a Sherman that weekend.



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