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Bourbon Shots: Bad Uniform Edition

Orygun unveiled its latest uniforms Tuesday and they're getting mixed reviews, both around the country and with myself. The new Duck unis are almost good. If they just got rid of those wings on the shoulders they'd be perfect in my eyes. But to me, they look comical.

Then again, the Ducks get some of their identity from their unis and that's not a bad thing. The highlighter yellow made news as did the steel plate look from the last batch. They made a big enough impact on running back LeGarrette Blount that he committed to Oregon partly because of the unis.

So while I don't like the wings, or the "carbon" helmets, they could have been a lot worse. However, they could have been a lot better. Despite the wings, I do like the Ducks' primary home and away jerseys. Hopefully we'll see those more often than not. Shelve the black and the yellow. I mean, you're Oregon. If you're going to have yellow jerseys you might as well have the matching pants.

When Tech's jerseys were unveiled last season, I had the same mixed reaction. At first the white jerseys looked good to me and the home jerseys didn't. But as the season wore on, the maroon jersey/orange sleeve jerseys grew on me and now I love them. Meanwhile, I think the white jersey/maroon sleeve ones are ugly. I much prefer the "throwback" away look with the orange and maroon sleeve stripes.

Ideally, Tech would go to throwbacks for both home and away. But for now I'll settle for the sleek-looking Nike home jerseys and the tougher-looking road throwbacks. As for the orange jerseys, it was nice to see them once and it was a little overkill to see them twice. Keep them as a novelty that gets sold at the bookstore and off the players.

What do you think? Do VT's jerseys need to keep evolving like Oregon's have? Do they need to be more simple? Or would you rather see true throwbacks similar to the ones we wore on the road last year?



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