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Bourbon Shots: The Futility of Preseason Predictions Edition

The Nate Irving situation reminds us again why trying to preview the upcoming football season in June is a futile enterprise. NC State has been the darlings of many preseason publications because of its strong finish to qualify for a bowl game in 2008.

However, NC State's defensive struggles last year made me skeptical of their chances to win the Atlantic. But that didn't keep Giggity from proclaiming the Pack would win the division and make it to Tampa. Playmakers on defense like Irving and Willie Young make them a sexy pick, but Clemson was a sexy pick last year because of flashy playmakers.

The losses of Irving and BC's Mark Herzlich are a reminder that if you're willing to prognosticate before August, you better be willing to have everything blow up in your face. The losses of Irving and Herzlich are nothing to sneeze at, both in the severity of their situations and what they meant to their team.

Herzlich was going to be the anchor for a defense that lost a lot from 2008 and NC State's defense played much differently with Irving compared to when he was injured. I wouldn't be surprised if BC and NC State finished No. 5 and 6 in the Atlantic this year. That's probably not how I'll pick it come August, but it wouldn't shock me if we're somehow underestimating the losses of those two players.

The same goes for the Hokies. Right now, everyone is picking them to win the Coastal. Some have them pegged as a national title contender. But the margin for error on this team is paper thin. If the Hokies lost guard Sergio Render or cornerback Stephan Virgil, the 2009 season could all go to hell.

One injury can make the difference, especially for a team like Tech with a lot of unproven and sometimes non-existent depth. It's because of this that predictions made before August camp are almost entirely worthless.



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