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We now return to our regularly scheduled programming

And we're back. The batteries have been recharged and the reset button has been pressed. We can now try to plow our way through the final 88 days until Tech takes on Bama.

After the jump I'll recap what I missed since I've been gone and let you know what you can expect from Gobbler Country this summer.

Hokies Hire Hoops Assistant

Seth Greenberg will likely fill the hole on his staff with VCU assistant Bill Courtney. If Courtney is hired, he will have worked for three Commonwealth schools in a little under three months. He was at UVa under Dave Leitao before Leitao resigned and was hired by VCU in mid-April.

Star Defensive End Commits to Tech

Lynchburg native Zack McCray, a defensive end from Brookville High School, gave a verbal commitment to Virginia Tech last week. He's a four-star recruit and ranked No. 95 in the country by Rivals. McCray is the fourth defensive lineman and ninth recruit overall to commit for the 2010 signing class.

Gametimes Set

The Hokies now know the start times for their first three games. Tech's home opener against Marshall will kick at 1:30 p.m. ET and be available on ESPN360. The Nebraska game will be available to slightly more people. It will start at 3:30 and be televised regionally on ABC and also be available to most of the country on ESPN2 because it will be the reverse mirror game. The season opener against Bama was previously scheduled for 8 p.m. on ABC.

Brian Gets Hitched

Brian from BCI tied the knot over the weekend, thus ending the fun period of his life and any chance BCI has of being good. Jeff took time off from walking aimlessly through Bed Bath and Beyond to replace Brian with New Brian and discuss a new BC QB and baseball. I didn't even know colleges had baseball teams.

Congrats to Brian and welcome to New Brian.

Summer Schedule

We have 88 days to dissect all aspect of Hokie football before the season finally gets underway. We'll do exactly that as well as preview the other teams of the ACC and the other conferences in college football. There will also be a series of retrospective posts on the 1999 Hokies 10 years after the fact. That part will be fun. Look for interviews with Bill Roth and Randy King and fans who experienced the wild ride that was that season.

Also, I have to go to Atlanta on business in two weeks and the guys from The Legacyx4 have promised to show me around. If I remember what happens on that trip it might make its way onto these pages.

Finally, we'll have Labor Day weekend, the start of college football season and VT-Bama. It should be a good time considering how many ACC bloggers will be in the city that weekend. You have the laundry list of Virginia Tech bloggers that will be in town, the previously mentioned The Legacyx4 and Eagle in Atlanta also calls the city home. If we have any foresight, we could probably get together and do something cool like a podcast or something. But, we'll probably just get drunk and forget.

Should be a fun summer.