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Bourbon Shots: Virginia Tech-Alabama Game Roll Call Edition

In less than eight weeks I'll be back in Atlanta for the opener of the 2009 season. Commenter Sid Bream Speed and I will make the 13 hour drive to the ATL and meet with The Legacyx4 guys for what has the potential to be the greatest road trip ever. There are a few things we'll hit up other than the game. Hopefully you'll be able to join us for some debauchery.

Continue after the jump for the hot spots we'll be hitting Labor Day Weekend and links.

The Varsity: What'll ya have!? Any trip to Atlanta must include the mandatory visit to The Varsity to get yelled at by heavy-set black women who think you could order your Frosted Orange just a little quicker.

Taco Mac: I had heard about the legend before my last trip to Atlanta and finally got to experience it thanks to Winfield. Nearly as a Flying Saucer and better food. Great bar for beer snobs like me. And they have Yuengling on tap, which makes me happy.

Turner Field: We'll be at the Braves-Reds game Saturday night so I can add another ballpark to my resume.

Bobby Dodd Stadium: This one is 50/50. But since I've never gone to two college football games in the same day, it seems like this needs to happen. Georgia Tech and Jax State kickoff at noon on Saturday. Even if I don't go to the game, I'll still tailgate for it.

The Clubhouse Tailgate: The location is TBA, but I'll be there for Communion. The Hokies have never lost when I've taken Communion with Clota, Larry and the rest of the best Hokie fans I know. RIP, Duke. You haven't lived until you've awakened to a huge rottweiler growling over your head at 7 a.m. after sleeping in a cot in an Airstream the day of the UVa game. I'll miss that dog.

Atlanta VTAA Tailgate: This one will be in one of the Georgia Dome parking lots and is the perfect place to get in the right frame of mind of the Alabama game. Tickets are on sale now at the ATL VTAA's Web site for $20. The price includes food and beer. They're going to have beer pong and cornhole, so if you feel like being humiliated you can challenge me at cornhole.

Dragoncon: I will consider the weekend a failure unless I have at least five photos of me drunk with a huge shit-eating grin and giving a thumbs-up with a pissed-off looking kid dressed as an anime character. Dragoncon will be at the Convention Center Labor Day weekend.

Atlanta Motor Speedway: The Atlanta Nascar race is the day after Tech plays Alabama. I've been to an Indy Car race and it was a lot of fun, but I've never experienced Nascar. Seems like it'd be right up my ally. Anytime the tailgating is just as important as the event, I'm down. It's probably why I love Jimmy Buffett concerts so much.

There you have it. Now, what I want to know is how many of you will be joining me in Atlanta for the game. I know fellow bloggers from College Game Balls and Beer Control Offense will be in town, but what commenters and other readers are going to be there?



- CGB EBJ debunks the myth of Bama's "12" championship. It's really seven. Retroactive championships do not count, Tide fans. (College Game Balls Beer Control Offense)
- Photos of Tech's new basketball practice facility. Looks nice with the Hokie Stone facade. (Tech Hoops)
- The basketball team reels in two more recruits for 2010. (RTD)

ACC and Opponents

- Woo! Any doubts I had about going to Boston for the Winter Classic have been erased. (Eagle in Atlanta)
- Jeff and Brian take time out from going to Pinkberry to discuss who whould be picked at the top of the Atlantic Division. And for the sake of full disclosure, The Girlfriend took me to Orange Tree, which is basically a Pinkberry knockoff that has made its way to Oklahoma, Saturday. That shit is delicious. So while I make fun of Jeff and Brian for having to take their significant others to such a girly-named eatery, at least they got something out of it. (BC Interruption)
- Roll Bama Roll wonders what Saban's best coaching job has been. I say Dolphins. (Roll Bama Roll)
- The answer is yes. (Testudo Times)
- Bird looks at the accuracy of media day picks and overrates UVa. (The Legacyx4)
- Miami looks to turn the corner (so does UNC and GT) in 2009. (All Canes)
- Annette talks with Frankie's right-hand man. (Annette)
- I'm also a Tommie Frazier guy. No QB will ever be better in college. (Double Extra Point)

Stuff Only I Care About

- Is Buchholz being showcased? Or is another deal in the works? (Extra Bases)
- Hitting is down across the PCL, not just at The Brick. (Power Allie)
- Couch Surfing appears to be the way to go. Of course, it's basically what I do now on road trips. (Casey Cornett)