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Bourbon Shots: Virginia Tech Positional Rankings Edition

Glenn over at VT Fan has put together a ranking of the Hokies' position units going into the 2009 season. It's worth reading because it shows an interesting reverse in thinking among at least one Hokie fan. The top three units in Glenn's rankings are on the offensive side of the ball - wide receivers, running backs and offensive line.

That's stunning to me. Not because I think Glenn is wrong (even though I think he's wrong), but because the national perception is our offense has nothing to offer when compared to the defense. Obviously, it's because of our abysmal national ranking in total offense the last three years. But the talent is there this year and for the first time in a while, our offense is more talented than our defense.

The only thing I find wrong with Glenn's rankings is having the receivers at No. 1. Sure, they got better the last few games of the year, but they aren't nearly good enough to make them the strongest position unit we have. Personally, I'd put them fourth behind the running backs, offensive line and secondary.

However, it looks like while the national perception continues to be that the defense is far ahead of the offense, Hokie fans think otherwise.



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