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Bourbon Shots: I Get My Comeuppance Edition

(I'm trying this in a different format to determine the best way to do these lazy link posts once the season starts. Let me know what you think in the comments.)

I've been taking shots (and giving the occasional credit) at ESPN's ACC blogger pretty much since I started writing this blog. Well, she's fired back.

ACC Football Report Dates (Annette)
Annette not only knows I call her Annette, but gets +1,000 for this snarky comment. I have no comeback. She also has the reporting dates and first practice dates for all 12 ACC teams.


Thoughts on the ACC KO and TV Contracts (The A-Line)
When does an empty chair have more personality than a head coach? When that coach is Al Groh.

Someone is Freaked Out About Being the ACC Favorite (VT Fan)
A three-time ACC champion just doesn't happen? Tell that to FSU, which won or shared the title from 1992-2000.

Breaking Down Tech's Trip to Maryland (Blogsburg)
This game doesn't look nearly as daunting as it did last year. Can the Terps overcome two weak lines and make a bowl in 2009?

Antone Exum's Summer is Chronicled (RTD)
"'I think his maturity, his intelligence, his athletic ability give him a chance to be a good safety, along with some other things,' said Tech coach Frank Beamer, adding that 'other things' could possibly involve playing quarterback, but not until later in Exum’s career."

ACC and Opponents

Can the ACC Keep Up in the TV Arms Race? (Testudo Times)
If the money's not there, the ACC needs to at least keep up with the SEC in terms of exposure. TT goes over the options and what he thinks the next step should be.

Where Does the ACC Fit on TV? (On The B.Rink)
The league has many options as it works on its new TV deal. But Swoffy shouldn't have any delusions of grandeur of getting "SEC Money."

Is the Right Guy Leading the ACC? (Block-C)
Willy Mac wants to know why Swoffy couldn't foresee the SEC's TV deal and be proactive.

Why Having NCSU-UNC the Last Week is a Good Thing (Yet Another...)
James discusses why Tom O'Brien was wrong when he said it's dumb for his Wolfpack to play North Carolina the last week of the regular season.

Ponder's No Wonder (Tomahawk Nation)
FSU QB Christian Ponder will need to improve in the Seminoles are going to win the Atlantic in 2009. He really needs to fix his propensity for throwing interceptions.

Fun With BC Scheduling (BC Interruption)
Brian and Jeff take time from looking around at Urban Outfitters to come up with teams they would like to see BC play. Sorry, Brian, Northwestern is too tough to get scheduled by the Eagles. You'll have to hope for NIU, since the Eagles are in the habit of playing road games against the MAC. Does DePaul have an opening? You could play against its soccer team.

The Definitive Herzlich Article (SI)
This link came from Eagle in Atlanta. It's an amazing in-depth feature on BC linebacker Mark Herzlich's battle with Ewing's sarcoma.

Charting the Parity (From The Rumble Seat)
A look at the ACC's parity vs. the SEC. Anytime you use the title "Parity Chart of Doom," you're going to get a link. Excellent post by the Birdman.

Should UNC Be Going After the Quarterback? (Carolina March)
UNC already has an excellent secondary. So it seems to me (and T.H.) that the Heels should be taking more chances and putting more pressure on QBs. The Heels had the second lowest sack rate in the ACC last year.

Meet Jamal Womble (Tar Heel Mania)
A look at a guy at least one ACC blogger thinks could be the league's rookie of the year. Womble could emerge from UNC's crowded backfield by the end of the season.

UNC Might Open 2010 vs. LSU (Buzz Blog)
Ovies says the Tar Heels may be in next year's CFA Kickoff Game against LSU. The Tigers have won their last three games vs. the ACC by a combined score of 126-13. Who scored the lone TD? That's right! We did, bitches! But seriously this will end badly.

Miami Recruit Becomes a Legend W/o Playing a Game (The 7th Floor)
Miami commit OL Tavadis Glenn was ejected from a camp at the University of Florida for "throwing up the U." Ugh.

The Importance of Julio Jones (Roll 'Bama Roll)
Roll Bama Roll continues its look at the five most important players for the Tide in the coming season. Jones comes in at No. 2. Here's a look at what he means to the Tide and why they can't afford to lose him. My guess is Mt. Cody will come in at No. 1.

A Look at Nebraska QB Zac Lee (Double Extra Point)
Lee is a juco transfer who will be the Huskers' starting quarterback this season. He had impressive numbers in their spring game, but is trying to overcome doubters who think he got the starting job because another QB transferred.

Stuff Only I Care About

Say It Ain't So, Papi (Brownie Points)
First of all, I don't believe anything in the NY Times, especially when this is coming from two anonymous lawyers. Second, screw all of you who thinks this spoils our titles. We won those with pitching. Third ... third ... yeah, OK, this is just really depressing.

Barriers at the Ballpark (The Goose's Roost)
The next Japanese sensation in MLB made a stop in Buffalo on his way to the big leagues.

Michigan to Play UConn (MGoBlog)
Henri the Otter of Ennui makes an appearance as the Wolvies announce they will host UConn in 2010 and travel to Hartford in 2013.

A Q & A With Governor Brad Henry (The Lost Ogle)
Local blog gets to interview the governor of Oklahoma. Hilarity ensues.