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Bourbon Shots: Return of The Barnhart Edition

Tony Barnhart has forgotten more about college football than I know. So I was pleased to see his vacation come to an end and new posts at his Mr. College Football blog this week. Look for The Barnhart to have a lot of great posts from ACC media days later this month.

I look forward to the comments Alabama fans leave on his blog the most. I've posted the best ones on this blog in the past and will continue to do so as we get closer to Sept. 5.

Today, Barnhart took a look at the preseason magazines and their thoughts on the national Top 5, the SEC and the ACC. Obviously, all I care about is the ACC.

The Hokies were ranked anywhere from No. 5 to No. 11 in the five magazines he looked at.

(ATH - Athlon; LIN - Lindy's; PS - Phil Steele; SN - Sporting News; KO - The Kickoff)

Preseason Rankings
Virginia Tech 8 5 11 6 8
Clemson - - 25 - -
Florida State 15 18 - 17 17
Georgia Tech 22 16 - 11 13
Miami - - 21 - -
North Carolina 19 19 - 23 19
Alabama 6 7 8 13 11

Phil Steele is really low on the ACC. He has the Hokies ranked the lowest at No. 11. And the other two teams he has ranked, Miami and Clemson, aren't ranked by the other four publications. He has FSU, GT and UNC outside of his Top 25 unlike the other four. Barnhart's blog goes further breaking down the rankings and tries to make sense of them.



- CGB has become obsessed with the BCS hearings. Here he gives an in-depth look at the cast of characters involved and attempts summarize the proceedings in language we can actually understand. (College Game Balls)
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- EBJ will be drinking a lot of good beer this weekend. If I didn't hate IPAs, I might make the drive to partake. (Beer Control Offense)
- Needless to say, I was a big fan of the Hokie teams from this era. However, I prefer the 1991 WVU game when our fearless leader led the Hokies to a dramatic 20-14 win in Morgantown. (Blogsburg)

ACC and Opponents

- Even without VT on the schedule, FSU's Andrew Datko will have his hands full this season. (Tomahawk Nation)
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Stuff Only I Care About

- Dammit Sabres, you're making me agree with Bucky Gleason. (The Goose's Roost)
- Our young defensemen are looking good at prospect camp. (Die By The Blade)
- Getting closer to an AHL team in OKC. But who will own it? (Boneman)
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- Eating KFC with Michael Jackson was the greatest moment of Magic Johnson's life? It wasn't the rings, or the birth of his children or the groupie sex? (Awful Announcing)