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2009 ACC Football Predictions: Week 1

For the second consecutive year, I'll pick the ACC football season week-by-week with updated standings and pithy comments on each post.

Week 1

Thursday, Sept. 3

NC State over South Carolina

Saturday, Sept. 5

Boston College over Northeastern
Clemson over Middle Tennessee
Duke over Richmond
Georgia Tech over Jacksonville State
California over Maryland
North Carolina over The Citadel
Virginia over William and Mary
Alabama over Virginia Tech
Baylor over Wake Forest

Monday, Sept. 7

Florida State over Miami

Bye Week


Week 1 Standings
Atlantic Conf Over
Florida State 1-0 1-0
Boston College 0-0 1-0
Clemson 0-0 1-0
Maryland 0-0 0-1
NC State 0-0 1-0
Wake Forest 0-0 0-1
Coastal Conf Over
Duke 0-0 1-0
Georgia Tech 0-0 1-0
North Carolina 0-0 1-0
Virginia 0-0 1-0
Virginia Tech 0-0 0-1
Miami 0-1 0-1

Pithy Comments

- The ACC starts 7-3 in non-conference games, but is 1-3 against BCS teams. One again, the media rails against the conference as being week. Same song, different verse.
- NC State crushes South Carolina, Cal puts up huge offensive numbers in an easy win over Maryland, Wake Forest loses a shootout to Baylor and the Hokies lose by a touchdown to Alabama.
- FSU wins a high-scoring affair in Tallahassee on Labor Day.