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Bourbon Shots: I May Have Been Wrong About Carmichael Edition


Carmichael Impressive Early (Kyle Tucker)
The Hokies need to find a solid field cornerback during preseason practice. And though I was initially skeptical, it looks like Rashad Carmichael is going to turn into one. Kyle Tucker from the Virginian-Pilot has this observation:

Rashad Carmichael, who the Hokies really need to step up and prove he’s a dependable starter at field corner, looked great in what little I noticed. He jumped a Tyrod Taylor pass to the sideline on what would’ve been a pick-six if it were a game-like situation. Later, he locked down Dyrell Roberts, blanketing him on a slant route and swatting the pass away.

Tucker also has a few notes on speed. Freshmen David Wilson and Nubian Peak impressed him and he thinks either one could return kicks. Frank Beamer also plans on putting fast, tall guys on the punt block team in Marcus Davis, Xavier Boyce, Jarrett Boykin an DJ Coles.

There are also plenty of quotes from offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring and defensive coordinator Bud Foster. Stinespring said TE Sam Wheeler, who tore his ACL in 2007, is finally at full speed. Foster said Whip LB Cam Martin is still getting back into football shape. This could open the door for wild man Cody Grimm, who split time with Martin at the position last year.

Brooks vs. Cody (Norm Wood)
Wood, from the Newport News Daily Press, talks to sophomore offensive guard Jaymes Brooks about his upcoming matchup against Alabama defensive tackle Terrence Cody. The second start of Brooks' career will also be in his second nationally televised game. But there's a big difference between blocking Cincy's quick defensive line and Alabama's Mt. Cody.

"I'd rather block a quicker guy than a bigger guy," Brooks said. "A bigger guy will lean on you more and try to wear you out. I'm going to have to get out there and move my feet better (against Cody)."

Brooks, center Beau Warren and guard Sergio Render will be the three Hokies primarily responsible for keeping Cody in check (well, as much in check as you can keep Terrence Cody).

Williams in Wild Turkey Mix (Nathan Warters)
"Tommie Frazier" reports freshman running back Ryan Williams could end up taking snaps out of the Wild Turkey formation this year. This would be similar to what Arkansas did with Darren McFadden in 2007. He also has notes on offensive line depth, David Wilson being a much better person than I and Virginia Tech becoming Defensive End U.

Confident Taylor Ready to Lead (Bill Roth)
Tyrod Taylor turned into the Hokies' leader at the end of 2009. He enters his first full season as "the guy" more confident with himself and the players around him.

ACC and Opponents

The Girls of VT (From The Rumble Seat)
Winfield continues FTRS's series on girls from opposing schools. He's finally reached Virginia Tech. All girls look better in Orange and Maroon.

Doomsday Scenario: Chris Turner Goes Down (Testudo Times)
If Chris Turner got hurt, would Maryland fans be comfortable with Jamarr Robinson? Maryland has had a QB get hurt almost every year since 2003.

August 9th Practice Notes (Roll 'Bama Roll)
Notes on the incoming freshman class, an injury update, the No. 2 QB battle that the Tide is also concerned with, a couple of position changes and a tragedy in the Alabama football family.

Could the Gator Bowl be Looking Elsewhere? (Clempson Football)
There could be a change in the ACC's No. 3 bowl. But if the Gator thinks its going to get the No. 3 or No. 4 SEC team, it may be in for a surprise.

Young Cane RBs Competing for Carries (Canespace)
Lamar Miller and Mike James are pushing current co-starters Javaris James and Graig Cooper for playing time in Miami. Also, Dedrick Epps is back from a knee injury and new OC Mark Whipple has Canes fans optimistic about their offense.

Kickoff Bonus: East Carolina (Joe Ovies)
A fast start to 2008 and 16 returning starters have the Pirates thinking about a BCS bowl. However, its Jekyll and Hyde defense will need to be more consistent.

Stuff Only I Care About

Ducks' Expectations Similar to Hokies' (George Schroeder)
Oregon won its last four games, including a bowl and lost a lot of talent on defense. Sounds familiar. And like Frank Beamer, Chip Kelly is trying to both sound confident and keep expectations realistic.

Echoing Through the Hall (The Goose's Roost)
From Blacksburg to Buffalo, they're cheering Bruce's entrance to the Hall of Fame. Maybe the most disruptive defensive lineman to ever play the game.

Ortiz Didn't Use Steroids, but was "Careless" (Over the Monster)
I really hope Papi's telling the truth. Of course, I rarely believe any baseball player when they say they didn't use steroids these days.

Keep an Eye on the New SEC Media Policy. (Rocky Top Talk)
The SEC has implemented a new media policy. It will have an immediate impact on how fans and bloggers interact during the game. The new rule that stands out to me is the one outlawing photos at games, including cell phone pictures.

Marketing the Coyotes' 2009-10 Season (From The Rink)
The Coyotes president, chief operating officer and alternate governor since 2002, Doug Moss is charged with attempting to market and sell tickets for a team in the midst of an ugly bankruptcy fight and which could be playing a lame duck season.

Patrick Kane in Custody (The Goose's Roost)
The mancrush allegedly beat up a cab driver over $0.20. WTF?