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Bourbon Shots: Darren Evans' Knee Edition


Evans' Knee Still Gimpy (Kyle Tucker)
Apparently there was almost a disaster at Friday's practice. Darren Evans heard his knee pop after stepping on a defensive end's foot. It's just a sprain, but he hasn't been involved in contact drills since then. He tells KT he's at 70 percent, which scares me. A lot.

This post also includes a lot of quotes from the forgotten man in Tech's backfield, Josh Oglesby. He said he plans on having an impact on the Hokies' offense this season.

"My mindset: We’re not having a season like last year. I’m not watching. I’m going to get some playing time one way or the other. I’m going to get some. And it’s going to be at running back. I’m going to score some touchdowns. I’m going to get some yards. I’m going to contribute to the team. I know that for sure. I’m positive about that."

Reserve O-Linemen Inexperienced (Darryl Slater)
This was something we harped on last season when the starters were rarely getting a break against the likes of Western Kentucky. Slater has the total plays from Dave Smith's O-line chart broken down and compares it to 2007. The reserves played twice as many snaps in 2007 as in 2008.

Drager catching on at DE (Roanoke Times)
Chris Drager was a break-out player at tight end in spring practice for the Hokies. This made his subsequent move to defensive end a curious one to say the least. But Drager has been a quick study and could start Sept. 5 against Alabama. Not bad for someone the Hokies thought would only be adding depth to a depleted position.

Uhh, No Sorry Georgia Tech (College Game Balls)
Georgia Tech is calling itself the 2008 ACC Champs in order to sell tickets. If I were Winfield, I'd be embarrassed.

Fool Me Once... (Beer Control Offense)
EBJ refuses to be Lucy'd by the high expectations for the Hokies' offense this season. He still thinks Bryan Stinespring and Tyrod Taylor might let him down, so he's not getting his hopes up.

ACC and Opponents

"It Looked Like a Useless Practice" (From The Rumble Seat)
Things didn't go well for the Yellow Jackets at their latest practice. Frankie wasn't satisfied by his team's effort and Josh Nesbitt was inconsistent at quaterback. Jonathan Dwyer has been slowed by a hip injury, but looked good in the time he was able to participate.

WR Depth Chart Taking Shape (Bama Sports Report)
Marquis Maze and Darius Hanks look like they will be behind Julio Jones at wide receiver for Alabama. Mike McCoy, who caught 16 passes last year, is currently No. 4 on the depth chart. Also, freshman corner Dre Kirkpatrick looks like he'll see some significant playing time, especially when Alabama goes into dime coverage.

Questions Loom for Huskers on Defense (Husker Mike)
Nebraska has a solid defensive line, but will need to be improved at linebacker and in the secondary if it hopes to win the Big 12 North. Several young players in those two units have the chance to step up and earn playing time during camp. The Huskers are also looking for wide receivers to replace Nate Swift and Todd Peterson.

FSU's Receivers Embrace New Roles (Tomahawk Nation)
Bert Reed and Taiwan Easterling look to make a bigger impact this year for the Seminoles. A position which was thought to be a disaster a few months ago has turned out to be one of the best for FSU.

Football Preview: Quarterbacks (Tar Heel Fan)
North Carolina has its own injury-prone quarterback returning in 2009. Like the Hokies, the Heels will need their leader to stay healthy in order to have a successful season.

Reasons for optimism in the ACC in 2009 (Annette)
The ACC has plenty of chances to earn national respect in 2009. It starts with the tough non-conference slate its teams face early on. If one of the top teams in the conference can survive the early going, they might have a chance to compete for a national championship and earn some positive headlines for the league.

Bowden Still a Dreamer (Giggity)
Bobby Bowden's not fooling JP Giglio with his slogan of "It's not about Me ... It's about Us."

Stuff Only I Care About

If College Football Programs Were Pro Wrestlers (Black Heart Gold Pants)
The similarities between college football teams and WWF/WWE pro wrestlers are often striking. Here are just a few examples. There's no mention of the Hokies, but you'll find Florida State and West Virginia comparisons int he mix.

Buffalo Sabres Sign Mike Grier (Die By The Blade)
The Buffalo Sabres have reportedly signed free agent forward Mike Grier. Well, well, well. Mike Grier. I always knew you'd have to come crawling back. After abandoning a team that went to the conference finals in 2006 because they weren't heading in the right direction, you're resigning with them after they've missed the playoffs two consecutive years.

Tazawa Gets Chance to Start Over with Red Sox (Globe)
Amalie Benjamin (who I love and in a heartbeat would give up my hard-drinking, road tripping bachelor ways for) interviews tonight's starter for the Red Sox, Junichi Tazawa. His Red Sox debut ... uh ... didn't go so well. He's starting his place of John Smoltz, whose DFA caused commenter Sid Bream Speed to cry and light a candle in front of his collect of Smoltz Starting Lineup figurines.

I want to get drunk with Bob Przybylo (The Lost Ogle)
I've been drunk with Bob and the description they give is pretty accurate. But while Bob may look like a pederast, he's harmless. Hey, not everyone can rock the camel hair sports coat. But God love him for trying.