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2009 ACC Football Predictions: Week 3

For the second consecutive year, I'll pick the ACC football season week-by-week with updated standings and pithy comments on each post.

Week 3

Thursday, Sept. 17

Miami over Georgia Tech

Saturday, Sept. 19

Clemson over Boston College
Kansas over Duke
Florida State over BYU
Maryland over Middle Tennessee
North Carolina over East Carolina
NC State over Gardner-Webb
Southern Miss over Virginia
Virginia Tech over Nebraska
Wake Forest over Elon

Bye Week


Week 3 Standings
Atlantic Conf Over
Florida State 1-0 3-0
Clemson 1-1 2-1
NC State 0-0 3-0
Maryland 0-0 2-1
Wake Forest 0-0 1-2
Boston College 0-1 2-1
Coastal Conf Over
Miami 1-1 1-1
Georgia Tech 1-1 2-1
North Carolina 0-0 3-0
Duke 0-0 2-1
Virginia Tech 0-0 2-1
Virginia 0-0 1-2

Pithy Comments

- Miami returns the favor Georgia Tech handed them last year on Thursday night by winning in Miami thanks to a big game from Graig Cooper.
- The Hokies get a big non-conference win over the Huskers. It follows the script from last season with the Hokies building a big lead early and fending off a feisty Nebraska squad at the end.
- Florida State has trouble moving the ball in the thin air of Provo, but is able to get enough pressure on Max Hall to beat the Cougars.