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Adventures in Gambling 2009: College Football Team Prop Bets

As many of you know, I'm somewhat of a degenerate gambler when it comes to college football. You'll see a lot of posts this year that utilize the "gambling" tag, including this one. Bodog has its team prop bets available for 2009, so I figured we'd take a look and waste some money.

ACC Teams Available (O/U Wins)

Clemson: 9
Florida State: 8
Georgia Tech: 8.5
Maryland: 6
Miami: 8
North Carolina: 8.5
NC State: 8
Virginia Tech: 9.5
Wake Forest: 7.5

No lines are available for BC, Duke or Virginia.

Personally, I'm going to take the over on Clemson and Georgia Tech and the under on Wake Forest and NC State. The other lines scare me. Around the nation, here are the other win totals I'll be putting a few dollars on:

National Teams (O/U Wins)

BYU: Over 9 wins
Michigan: Over 6 wins
Oklahoma: Under 10 wins
Oregon: Over 8 wins
Rutgers: Under 8 wins
South Carolina: Under 7 wins
Texas Tech: Under 8 wins
Wisconsin: Over 8 wins

There's our 12 team prop bets for 2009. I'll let you know who I'm throwing money away on for the ACC title, BCS title and Heisman before the season starts. Are there any team win totals you'd like to put a few dollars on?