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2009 ACC Football Predictions: Week 5

For the second consecutive year, I'll pick the ACC football season week-by-week with updated standings and pithy comments on each post.

Week 5

Saturday, Oct. 3

Florida State over Boston College
Clemson over Maryland
Virginia Tech over Duke
Georgia Tech over Mississippi State
Miami over Oklahoma
North Carolina over Virginia
NC State over Wake Forest

Bye Week


Week 5 Standings
Atlantic Conf Over
Florida State 2-0 5-0
NC State 1-0 5-0
Clemson 2-1 4-1
Wake Forest 1-1 2-3
Maryland 0-1 3-2
Boston College 0-3 2-3
Coastal Conf Over
Virginia Tech 2-0 4-1
Georgia Tech 2-1 4-1
North Carolina 1-1 4-1
Miami 1-2 2-2
Duke 0-1 3-2
Virginia 0-1 1-3

Pithy Comments

- By now I've probably angered Brian and Jeff who can't believe I'd have BC at 0-3 in ACC play. Well, guys, it's going to get worse before it gets better.
- Miami gets a signature win for the ACC over Oklahoma. Sam Bradford spends most of the day on his back.
- There's a clear distinction between the top three teams and the bottom three teams in both divisions. However, Miami is starting to come on strong in the Coastal.