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Bourbon Shots: Defensive Line Edition


Wiles Looking for Depth (Darryl Slater)
Defensive line coach Charley Wiles is concerned with building depth and defensive end and defensive tackle. The move by Chris Drager to defensive end allowed John Graves to move back to defensive tackle before preseason practice. But after the first three guys at both positions, things get murky.

Drager and Brown Fight for Starting Spot (Kyle Tucker)
David Wilson will be in a blue jersey for the next couple days. Also, the battle for the second starting defensive end spot is heating up between converted tight end Chris Drager and Nekos Brown. Brown has the upper hand because of experience.

Nekos Brown’s Younger Brother Joins Hokies (Randy King)
Wiley Brown will transfer from Duquesne to Virginia Tech. Orion Martin, the brother of Cam Martin, did something similar. He transferred from FCS school Norfolk State and had a solid career as a DE for the Hokies. It looks like the younger Brown will be a rover when he's eligible to play in 2010.

Oddities (The A-Line)
If it's an odd-numbered year, it means there's BCSCG hype for the Hokies. Tech still hasn't made it back to the big game since 1999, so why should this year be any different? Meanwhile, it looks like this might be the last year Tech gets to demolish Al Groh.

Of Course Duke Football Has Swine Flu (College Game Balls)
Hokie fans may need to break out the surgical masks when they head down to Lane Stadium South this year. I think CGB would have come up with a much better headline if it had been an Arkansas player that contracted Swine Flu.

Around the ACC (The Football Girl)
Notes on running backs, the "overrated" Hokies, the thorns in the sides of VT fans and beer cans.

ACC and Opponents

Graig Cooper: Not Out for FSU, Possible Night Sex Hero (The 7th Floor)
The Miami running back injured his ankle. How he injured his ankle is unknown. What we do know is it was "freaky" and happened when he went to bed. Awwww, yeah, son.

FSU's O Soars in the First Fall Scrimmage (Tomahawk Nation)
FSU already had the best offense in the ACC last year. It looks like it's getting even better after its first scrimmage. Christian Ponder completed 15 of 20 passes for 287 yards with four touchdown and no interceptions.

Rough Stretches in ACC Schedules (Carolina March)
Georgia Tech faces a tough opening slate, Wake Forest could be out of the ACC title race by October and the Tar Heels face teams who will be rested and ready this year.

Pre-season Drills for Fans (Big Red Network)
Would Nebraska fan rather beat Virginia Tech or Kansas in 2009? Find out here.

Green Looks Good in Crimson (Bama Sports Report)
Robby Green looks to be a solid safety for the Tide in 2009. This and other notes in the latest Alabama practice report.

Bread and Butter (Canespace)
Miami will only go as far as its running backs take them.

Possible Bowl Shakeup Rearranges ACC Opponents (BC Interruption)
Brian and Jeff take time off from painting the fence to take about the different bowl scenarios the ACC could face after the Big Ten moves to the Gator Bowl.

What to Make of Marscovetra (Eagle in Atlanta)
"If Michael Marscovetra becomes the BC starter as a true freshman, it will be the latest and most visible example that the recruiting system has holes in it and that there are many factors that go into player evaluation."

LOL Right Whatever LOL (Block-C)
EKR is taking the news that Kyle Parker has been named starting QB for Clemson very well. Or so it seems.

ACC Vs. SEC: Money Matters (
"When it comes to money matters, too, the ACC-SEC picture is not entirely clear. Looking back, the ACC consistently has generated higher per-school payouts than every other major conference. Looking ahead, the SEC has positioned itself extremely well, mainly because of the most lucrative television deals (worth more than $3 billion) in the history of college athletics."

Stuff Only I Care About

Has Darcy Redeemed Himself (Die By The Blade)
The Sabres have made plenty of moves this offseason to change their perception. But were any of them actually good?

A Post Now Obsolete, Clearly Two Days Overdue (The Goose's Roost)
"I’m going to blog about Twitter using something I saw on Facebook. It’s this strange sort of self-aware, meta train of thought that can only occur at this point in the history of the world. I mean, has anyone ever been able to write about something amazingly tangible yet imaginary using only social media? Zeros and ones? Crazy."

Luis Mendoza Throws a No-No
I hate the word "tossed" to describe pitching unless it's the term "soft-tossing left-hander." Nevertheless, I got to see my second no-hitter on Friday and this time it was for the home team. Goosebumps.

Five suggestions to improve NHL Network (Puck Daddy)
Here's an idea. How about they have a nightly news recap show in the offseason so I don't have to watch a never-ending stream of playoff games from this season?

Traber/Collison Deathmatch (The Lost Ogle)
I don't listen to OKC sports talk radio and I loathe Jim Traber with every fiber of my being. Thankfully, the Ogles do listen in and give me the only moments worth listening to in a handy soundbite. Thanks, guys!

Is it panic time in Boston? (Globe)
Amalie Benjamin (who I love and in a heartbeat would give up my hard-drinking, road-tripping bachelor ways for) asks if Sox fans have given up on their team's playoff chances. The answer is a resounding "maybe."