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Our Friends: Why The Hokies Will Win/Lose the ACC in 2009

Last week I gave you the answers from bloggers who represent our soon to be vanquished foes. This week, Hokie bloggers take their shot at answering the following questions:

1. Why will Virginia Tech win the ACC in 2009?
2. Why won't Virginia Tech win the ACC in 2009?

I told them they could write as much or as little as they wanted and be as snarky as they wanted. I also gave them the option of submitting free form poetry or an interpretive dance. While none of them bit, their answers are still interesting. Enjoy.

CGB - College Game Balls

Why Virginia Tech will win the ACC in 2009:

Because we be the baddest mofos on the block. But seriously, the ACC is a conservative offense, defense minded conference where special teams matter.  That fits our profile 100%. Bud Foster is the best defensive mind in the league and we're always going to contend as long as we have him.

Why Virginia Tech won't win the ACC in 2009:

I want to counteract NoleCC's answer of "They won't. The arrogance at VT is 2nd only to BC's." to the question "Why Virginia Tech will win the ACC in 2009?" with something equally as snarky. YOU LOST TO WAKE FOREST THE LAST THREE YEARS FUCKERS! It's funny how the two winningest programs over the last five seasons are also, in his eyes, the two most arrogant.

The actual reason why we won't win the ACC this year is because of injuries. Darren Evans has already gone down for the year and its caused most talking heads and writers to reevaluate the Hokies chance for a three-peat. Luckily we were four deep at running back to start the year. If Tyrod or an offensive lineman go down then we *really* would be screwed.

EBJ - Beer Control Offense

Why Virginia Tech will win the ACC in 2009:

Tried and true formula, tough, fast defense (Along with special teams) that put points on the board. A clock eating offense that makes the game shorter. Youth that is maturing, especially on the OL and WR.

Why Virginia Tech won't win the ACC in 2009:

Competition. Everyone in the ACC is getting better, save maybe uva. VT was lucky to win a couple of games, so it wasn't like they blew anyone out. Thin depth at QB, DE and LB ... 1 injury to a starter there and there is a gaping hole on this tech team. Passing and game planning/calling on O. Til proven otherwise this is THE weak link for the Hokies, again.

MadJay - Tech SuperFans

Why Virginia Tech will win the ACC in 2009:

We will win the ACC for two reasons - a) there is a ton of young talent that got battle tested in a pressure cooker last year and found a way to win the ACC and the Orange Bowl despite the inexperience and b) there is finally depth and talent on the offensive line which has been one of the two incredibly important factors that has prevented the Hokies from taking the next step in terms of competing on a national level.

Why Virginia Tech won't win the ACC in 2009:

We won't win the ACC because the 2nd factor that has been holding this team back on the national level has NOT changed and that is Coach Bryan Stinespring is still the offensive coordinator. There is a high probability that this will be another season of top 10 defense and top 100 offense. Good Lord please let me be wrong about this.

Brian - Tech SuperFans

Why Virginia Tech will win the ACC in 2009:

To reinforce some of what Jay said, we will win the ACC because of experience gained from last year's squad. On Defense, we only lost Macho Harris. Our receiver core excelled most Freshman level
expectations, and the players who demonstrated great capability return this season with lots of starting experience.

Why Virginia Tech won't win the ACC in 2009:

We won't win the ACC because of two factors. One, the running back position lacks depth. This was somewhat true before Evans' injury in that only he has demonstrated great ability in games, not so much
Oglesby thus far, and of course the rest haven't even seen a gametime snap. Now, with Evans' injury, we have a lot of questions in that area. Two, coupled with the running back problem, Tyrod Taylor has proven to be a great athlete, but he still has to improve his passing game. He did improve last season, especially towards the very end, but VT needs him to do that in a sustained fashion. With a weaker running back core, developing a strong passing game could be the linchpin for making this offense excel.

CGally - The North End Zone

Why Virginia Tech will win the ACC in 2009:

5 keys to an ACC Championship:

1. Defense
2. An offense that couldn't be shut down by a decent high school team.
3. Replacing Stinespring with Sig Hansen. Or Cookie Monster.
4. Locking up the home games. With our favorable schedule this year, the home games are must-wins.
5. Winning at Georga Tech. This is such a huge game. Whoever loses needs the winner to lose twice, whilst going undefeated themselves.
Why Virginia Tech won't win the ACC in 2009:

I'm not even sure how to respond to this. I thought we were just supposed to win each year? Well, here's the 5 things that would cause use to not win the ACC:
1. Our offense gives up more points than our defense. Certainly a possibility.
2. The refs.
3. Bud Foster decides to join the priesthood.
4. The ACC imposes a cap-and-trade-type policy with regards to ACC wins.
5. The refs.
In all seriousness, I think we could easily go 8-4 and make the ACC Championship Game. Our non-conference games scare me much more than the rest of the ACC, especially with the Hokies not having to play Clemson and FSU this year.

Why Virginia Tech will win the ACC in 2009:

The schedule sets up nicely. While the OOC schedule is tough, the rough ACC games are at home. The game at Georgia Tech is the only major hurdle. The Hokies avoid FSU and Clemson on the other side of the conference this year (the 2 best teams).

Returning talent. In college football, your year significantly depends on who's coming back, and the Hokies have a lot of talent coming back from a team that won the ACC last year. The offense has not been this talented in years. The defense has holes to fill, but when is Virginia Tech's defense ever not good?

Experience at quarterback. Tyrod Taylor is talented but is also now experienced. Look at the history of teams that do well in conference, or in college football in general and it almost always involves experience at quarterback.
Who else? There is probably a surprise team in the ACC for 2009 but up analysis of the above factors, Virginia Tech is clearly best positioned to win.

(p.s. I personally am in the camp of those who believe Georgia Tech will have a drop off this year due to a season of their offense on film for defenses to study)

Why Virginia Tech won't win the ACC in 2009:

There's always a problem area, so pick your worry: depth at defensive line, youth at linebacker, Darren Evans injury, no backup quarterback, or the new kicker. Its a razor thin conference and any area can lose a game or a league.

While the Hokies do have the tougher games at home this year, you could argue they have been a better ACC road team than home team. Would a Miami, BC, UNC, or NC State loss at home surprise anyone? Not really.

FSU in the championship game. Despite our win against FSU in 2007, this team still has our number, and they will be the opponent in the ACC Championship game. Virgnia Tech cannot beat FSU in a big game.

The odds are against them. In the 'new' ACC (post-expansion) I belive the league is simply too balanced for a team to win it 3 years in a row. Odds are stacked against the Hokies. All it takes is one fluke play in one fluke game.