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Pick a Pair-a Podcasts

Self-promotion tiiiiiime! I had never participated in a podcast before. And then I did two in the span of 12 hours.

First up, we have Team Speed Kills Now. Its the podcast over at SB Nation's ESS EEE SEE blog. I was invited on to talk about all things VT-Bama and the ACC's national perception.

Finally, there's the wonderful Podcast, which has been 100 times more enjoyable the last month now that they're finally talking about the oblong. I was asked on to discuss Darren Evans' injury and Beamer's new penalty for swearing he's initiated. I decided not to swear, hoping they'll have me back on.

Both of these were a lot of fun to do. Hopefully Joe and Jim at will have me back between now and November, because we all know once hoops starts in this league there's no chance I'll be able to be on there.