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Hokies Drama: Logan Thomas to Redshirt and Zach Luckett Legal Trouble

A couple of stories have developed at Camp Beamer this afternoon. First, Nathan "Tommie Frazier" Warters reports QB/WR/TE/BAMF Logan Thomas will redshirt this coming season. Second, the Collegiate Times reports embattled Hokie Zach Luckett has run afoul of the law again.

Another Redshirt

Warters found out about Thomas' redshirt by visiting his former school, Brookville High School. There he learned Thomas had texted his former coach saying Frank Beamer and his staff planned to redshirt him unless he was needed.

This is the third consecutive season the Hokies have tried to redshirt a young quarterback. In the first two season, the plan to redshirt Tyrod Taylor lasted less than two games. Hopefully the Hokies' luck with quarterbacks is better this season.

Another Charge

Luckett was suspended for all of 2008 after being arrested for his second DUI. He was allowed back on the team and moved to whip linebacker as a walk-on.

According to the CT, Luckett has been charged with driving with a suspended license. It's a very minor charge but for Luckett it could be the end of his days as a Hokie. He was already on thin ice after this previous run-ins with the law. It would be a shame if his second chance came to an end for something as menial as this, but I still wouldn't be surprised if his days in Orange and Maroon are numbered.